Chapter 39.2

aw hell, I decided to post this before going to lunch..


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His Substitute Wife… My Sister Chapter 39.2 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

8 thoughts on “Chapter 39.2

  1. Oh boy is she going to tell him about the bank account or is she just going to be sick? How could Charisse think about it. They belong together man is she messed up.

  2. Um… What the heck? Is she going to be sick, spill the beans or attack him right there on the side of the road? Passionately attack of course… Didn’t mess up the day just left me in suspense. She might be having a ‘car moment’ and need to release. heheheheheThanks Syl…

  3. I hope thats just morning sickness or something. does his secret have to do with his family?

  4. Charisse knows she wants to stay with Parker. I don’t know why she’s trying to fight it. What is this big secret of Parker’s? Good post Sylvia. But I’m still mad at cha for not revealing what Nevada gave Charisse! Humpf!

  5. Maybe she is afraid of committment. I think that’s why she said pull over. This is all so new to her and she probably don’t want to feel used. Parker had already slept with her other sisters. What makes her so different.

  6. Man, I dont believe this, what is her problem.. Can’t understand why she afraid of her feelings. I hope she just going through her morning sickness, and not gonna do nothing crazy… I could not even fake the funk at work today and read, they really made me earn my pay! LONG DAYYYYY.

  7. Is Chyna dead?!?! Where is that heffa. I’m over here wonderin…if psycho sister #2 dun offed #1 and took her place at the spa…hm….tell Parker about the dang account already…haven’t we all come to the conclusion that harboring secrets is like cancer to a relationship???

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