Chatper 39

This post has been removed. This book is available for download and/or print at: His Substitute Wife… My Sister Chapter 39 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

9 thoughts on “Chatper 39

  1. Dang i don’t know what she gave Charisse. You are a bad girl Sylvia. Maybe someone else will tell me. Anyone know? lol Awesome post i feel bad for Nevada always on the run, she needs a better life.

  2. Oh! You’re just plain mean Sylvia! *as Julia stomps away mad, muttering “What the hell did Nevada give Charisse?”

  3. Nevada gave Charisse a knife. That’s why she said take care of you. Remember they were talking and Nevada told Charisse to keep a knife of her but Charisse refused. So when Nevada left she gave Charisee a knife. Am I right?

  4. You wrong Sylvia. What did Nevada give her? I read this post like twice, what did she gave her. I hope it was some kinda weapon or the bank records…! Cause she gonna need something soon!!! Something about Nevada, that I really trying to figure out..What is with her? Loving it cause I starting to feel the suspend, drama or sex, either or!!!

  5. ooohh i know…Nevada advised her to walk with a knife in her sock so i betcha’ she gave her one!! a gurl’s gotta protect herself huhn?great post syl although i do feel bad for Nevada always on the run and unable to be free to be who she is an extraordinarily beautiful black women living how she wnats and not obliged to always “oblige” johns to get what she needs…see…charisse should have explained to Parker about the account! she best open that trap of hers and start explainin’ on their long ride !!

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