Chapter 38.2

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 38.2

  1. Ok, so what’s up with Nevada? Charissa really should have told Parker about the call and the account now he may not believe her and this could causes alot of problems for both of them.

  2. Why Nevada is hiding? What happened to chyna… is she dead.. is onyx suspecting charisse too?

  3. Uh oh what happened to Chyna i have a bad feeling about it. HMM curious to why they want to know about Nevada. Anyhoo great post as always.

  4. Oh, Oh, looks like it’s time S..H..T..F! Chyna’s incommunicado, Nevada’s in hiding, Parker may start to wonder about Charisse, Thanks to Onyx, the master of making S…H…T…F! Great post.

  5. I think Chyna may have killed herself. I think people will never guess that she was capable of anything like that. I happen to like Nevada because she has this secret about her. She’s fun to try to figure out.

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