author’s note 2/20/08

I’m responding to all the comments from yesterday after I left.

to everyone who helped me thank you for the Judge Knowles Knox tip. I soooooo appreciated. Wow! I have great readers!

Tanya: She’s harboring just a little suicide intentions. With the life growing inside of her, she doesn’t think about as much as she used to.

Yeah, I’m going to have to take care of that Blaque and Onyx situation soon.

ashwini: (glad to see you commenting) Onyx won’t hurt Parker … yet… as long as he does right. She gets a kick out of physically correcting someone.

Cinquetta:um… I can’t tell you if you haven’t figured it out, you’ll know soon.

Julia: What’s S.H.T.F.?

Carmel Beauty: Yes she’s in Arizona

Vishouz: I figured since I made him shorter than my other characters, I should make him extraordinary in other areas, LOL.

Tori: I like the set up I did with Nevada and the Big Man too.

Bambi: Thank u for not minding the sex posts at all.

lilo.gurl.14: thank you for those words of chaos and I’ll do my best to weaken a couple of hearts.

Carmel Beauty: thanks for KK

Eva D: Chyna’s in Arizona. hafta keep reading me to know that. more sex okay. i’ll still think about the devil. I needed the godfather’s name not Devlin’s father, but good job.

Deja: no problem. glad I made your day. I do try.


Might be a little slower as I fill in the blanks and so forth, but I’m here.

Your author,


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