Chapter 40.2

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  1. Mad props Sylvia you on a role today. I am just loving this. She spoke up for him, love the strength for one another, but why does she not have to courage to do it for herself. I am starting to wonder what is she really holding back, it is more to it than the account thing……Spill it, Ms. Honorary Cliffhanger Queen…

  2. Sylvia i truly looove every single one of your books! but one thing i’ve noticed in ALOT of them is the strong main female character towards the end runs away from her man (especially if they are pregnant) towards more danger because they feel its what’s best for them when all they had 2 do was talk to their man!! i swear!!(i.e. tanner, sex weed which is my shit, and drawing the line) its like they put an obstacle up to block their own self from happiness… and i dread when that happens and i feel that’s going to happen with charisse. she’s gonna run cuz she wants 2 kill herself and walk right into some ball of mess… why do you torture me so????

  3. So the nephew is his son…WOW! We all human and make mistake…whose perfect? I am so proud of Charisse stand with your man. Now the big moment meeting Parker’s son…wow nervous!Someone please help me figure out who Nevade love interest. Please be nice chick in the dark.

  4. You may want to look the doors too. Carmel Beauty may be stealthy like Nevada and Onyx, probably more like Onyx! 🙂 Anywho, Great post and glad Charisse has shown some backbone. Now all she has to do is be straight with Parker.

  5. Sorry I haven’t been commenting a lot, Sylvia. I’ve been posting a lot on my own blog, trying to get as much of the story finished as possible before school starts again. I won’t even mention how hectic work and home are.Anyhoo…I just wanted to stop by and show you some love. Tell you what I think about the latest posts.1. I think Chyna is already dead. I think Cheyenne is out west impersonating her now. Won’t be the first time she did something like that.2. I applaud Charisse for finally getting some BACKBONE! I do get tired of the suffering in silence heroines at times and so when women like Onyx comes around, I’m cheering in first of my computer. Can’t help it. Maybe I’m a feminist after all. I’ve been accused of worse. lol.3. I’m straight up mad with Parker about emotionally neglecting his son like that over some pride tip. Children are a blessing in any form and it just burns me up inside to know that some parents are actually ashamed of their special needs kids. I can think of a few ‘healthy’ kids that make us even more ashamed with their antics.4. You’re in the 40 zone, so what happens now? Should we be putting aside our lunch money because you’re going to yank the story offline? Or will this baby run its course online?5. Still waiting on Dark Facade. At this point, I just want to know how it all ends because it’s been so long ago now that I forgot the main characters’ names. Sheesh, girl! Do you need help typing the thing? I can spot you for a few chapters. Any more volunteers? Just kidding.Okay, Sylvia, I’m headed back to my own house (blog) now. I’ll check back in later.Suprina

  6. I agree with number 5 Suprina shot I will help anyway I can. Call me on the phone I will type as you talk girl. Let me know. I’ll do anything to get the ending to that book. Ok as for the story thank you for giving me what I so desperatly wanted. I am so in love the hero and herione. I also feel that Suprina may be right about Chyna already being dead. She caught me cause I hadn’t even thought about that. I can’t wait to see how parker and his son gets along. I know that the bad is about to come and with it being right here at the 40 zone as suprina called it I wonder how all of this is going to play out. I know there is a lot of doors to close, but by now we usually have a lots of drama so it has been entirely to quiet I know the storm will be really big. You haven’t mentioned Triple lately. So I will be the one to mention it. Triple Triple Triple!!!

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