Chapter 33

The quote game.

if you don’t know it then you can go read stealing innocence i & 2 because the children are hilarious.

Jason is still the ass but he gets it from his dad and jaenae is still trying to knock him on it.



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16 thoughts on “Chapter 33

  1. OMG!!! He knows!! way to end this post sylvia!just wanted to let you know that i have love reading your stories and this one is no exception. looking forward to the next post.madhi

  2. Okay, who was that at the door, I hope it’s Rochelle… Please Charisse dont need no more drama, you will send the girl back the crazy house, she can not handle all this in one day… Parker I will pray for him, cause he likes walking in harm’s way when it comes to his feelings. But I still love him!More please…………………

  3. ohh sylvia.. dont tell me she is going to be kidnapped.. we need atleast 2 more love scenes before anyone goes missing..atleast one more…. ohh no no…

  4. Still waiting patiently…for lots more. I will try to be patient. I love your stories. I have been reading for a while and it never ceases to amaze me that I am always left wanting more.Hope you have a great Valentine’s Day. I am planning on enjoying my hubby to the fullest, lol.

  5. Great post. Is that Onyx at the door. Cause if it was i would not open the door to her, she is too mean and scary lol.. Great post but i so need more. MORE>>>MORE>>>MORE lol

  6. Please don’t let it be anyone bad at the door. 🙁 and how does Jaelen know? Was it him who was in the office?

  7. I have been loving it so far although i have not been commenting. I really missed Jaelen kids especially Jason and his twin, cos of that i think i’mm gonna read stealing innocence I again. Keep it coming gurl, because i cant wait for the you no what.Kassie

  8. It is 3:31!!! ;-), not rushing you at all, just thought you may want to know what time it is!

  9. Thank you…..Thank you…..Thank you…..I love this circle of friends…..Ethan, Jaelen and Parker. They are so much alike it is not funny. I am very happy that Parker will finally know the truth and it is definitely going to hurt coming from Jaelen fitly mouth!!!!!!

  10. Those kids are funny. I remember them and they were sweet then. I hope that Kim went to the house where Charisse was at. We do not need anymore drama or maybe it’s that chick Nevada.

  11. Great post Sylvia! What is Jaelen? Psychic or something. Hope he doesn’t talk Parker into distancing hisself from Charisse.Side note: Hey Sylvia, what ever happened to Stealing Innocence III?

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