Chapter 32.3

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  1. NO NO NOO PARKER YOU GOIN THE WRONG WAY BRO!!! awww smack get over it yall did it!!! now go do it again!! gosh jeez it is jus soo amazing that you wouldnt even believe it yourself dude?? omg i’m never gonna be able 2 study now syl!! im distraught and confused over parker & charisse’s situation!! now if only i could tell my teacher that… oh nececitamos mas por favor!! MAS!!!

  2. I agree EVA he needs anybody but Jalen right now. BAD BAD BAD idea. Expect I don’t understand the last of what you said. I hope Kimberely intervines and helps homeboy out. I can’t believe he didn’t believe her.

  3. oh goodness. I hope Jaelen isn’t home and Kimberly is. I really don’t wanna see Jaelen’s reaction to this. lol

  4. Allll damn, I’m so tired of him running away. So what she sucked you off, so what she gave you the best sex you’ve had in years, so what, get over it and ask for more. Be thankful that she’s being as honest as she is because if it was me I’d be like, nah baby it wasn’t me just keep going..Please Sylvia say there’s more to cum 😉

  5. Parker can be such a idiot! Why would he not believe her. I’m just mad at him right about now. But I could see where the confusion will come into play with him. Parker had all 3 sisters!!! He’s the man.

  6. NEED MORE!!!! I’m sure that’s what Parker & Charisse will be thinkin’ once Parker turns the car around!!!!!!!!!!!!!More, Syl, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*jul*

  7. Yo, Paker your going the wrong way dude. Man what a dumbass. Sorry Sylvia lol….

  8. my god, Sylvia! what r you doing? You have been building this up way too long and here we are all too tied up in knots coz of that… make them go at it soon- i think this is the first of your stories where it is taking this long for the protagonists to be together willingly!-Aran

  9. OMG!!!!! Sylvia are you trying to kill us?! Parker needs to turn his dense ass around and go back to Charisse. I’m never gonna get any work done! DAMN!

  10. OH LAWD NAWWWWWWWWW!! Dont go see Jaelen’s angry ass!! NAH DONT DO IT!! Awww dayum dayum DAYUM! Cant you think by yo damn self yet Parker…UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOO! LMAO, and you KNOW Charisse is still fragile, how you gonna just storm out like that…she aint NEVER givin you head again…you STOOPID! Im mad…im gonna do laundry now…I cant function….UGH!!! Mad…ok? UP….SET..LMAO! This was a good post…contrary to what I just typed…but…still….up……set.V

  11. Parker don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. You got the woman of your dream. You should be screaming, “HELL YEAH!” Parker don’t you understand that Charisse love you! Get over it and be the MAN!

  12. Ok, I love Parker but what in the world happened in his past, he is so afraid of being loved geniunely. Did Chyna really damage the man? Parker is an ass, cause he truly needs to be hand held in life. You gat a woman who overcome her fear of human contact and all she wants to do is come clean to screw you with on a fresh brain and you run, Parker WTF!!!!! Make him go home and have her crying tears of joy or for that make Onyx whoop his ass for being stupid . You are just playing with us about him going to Jaelen, he knows he is crazy. I hope Kimberly is there to confirm what Charisse told him! More plezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..

  13. Syl… everyone is scolding my sweetie Parker.. Make him look reasonable in the next post.. he is just exicted (or frustrated).. but he will end up sweetie at the end again…

  14. i know that was an awful way to end the day and you’re probably going crazy with the refreshing.imma comin’i’m doing some research. Can’t remember Kimberly’s kids names. Got Jessica and then there’s Jasmine, right? Gawd! hold up a bit. I’m pulling the book out. If you want me to go faster, look it up yourself and put it in the comments.

  15. Waiting patiently for what comes next. I have tons of work to do and all I want is to find out what happens next. It didn’t help either that my boss stopped me from what I was doing to order his wife’s and daughter’s valentine bouquets. Can’t men think for themselves. Please hurry Sylvia!!!!!!

  16. Becca that is too funny about your boss. That just ties in with Parker and his incapable ways of thinking when pressure presents itself……..

  17. Sylvia… You only mentioned Jessica and Jasmine, the time you mentioned the kids again, was on the phone and you only said the little girl…. I dont think there is anymore, but you can referr to them as Child Gates 1,2&3. We will understand for now! lolololololololol

  18. Jason and Jaenae aka NaeNae is Kimberly and Jaelen Kids. They are twin. She had another set of twins by this old man name E. Hawthrone. Still looking for their names. You did not mention them often refer to them as the boys. Now POST!!!!!!

  19. hihi ROFL aw poor readers yall sound frustrated. yea im shocked that he doesnt believe her and YES i DONT want him to go see Jae but lawd yall be using manners (more please) and yall be crying and dieing. yes yes you waited all day (so you say) but i have to wait till like past 12 am here to get the 6 am post so im past DEAD! now all i can do is laugh. this is a good story hands down. yea im straight up laughing now.SYL 20 something comments ?! thats mad crazy. is this the most you have gotten on a post? MAD PROPS hey tomorrow is VDAY maybe P will get some HAHAHAHAHABIG LOVE FROM HOLLAND hahahahahahahLILOkeep it stalling straight ballin

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