Chapter 32.2

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8 thoughts on “Chapter 32.2

  1. Please say that she will tell him soon about his “dream”. The dragging out of her confession is driving me nuts!!! I still have a stack of work to do but, yes, I am also constantly refreshing my screen. Eager with anticipation!!

  2. You can not fight the urge, just let go and allow what is suppose to happen, happen, GO CHARISSE. I can not beg for more, I know you have a job to do and I did say what ever you have to post, so I am satisfied until later. Also, my co-worker had to call my name twice to get my attention, so let me stop pretending and do some work, before I become a character in your next book, the woman that could not keep a job!

  3. OMG…Please let her tell him before they get caught up. But I’m hoping his reaction is to just keep going.. say ok, I understand and just keep stroking LOL. I can’t finish my work because I’m checking for new chapters every 10 minutes 🙂 My day ends at 5 you know…

  4. I am trying to be satisfied with this but you know I need more. I got work up to the ceiling and class today. I need just a little chapter more so I can get a feel for where the story is going then get the goods tomorrow. 🙂

  5. You did it again Sylvia. I need more, more, more!!! I wanted her to tell him before the deed was done but it done look like it.

  6. You are so cruel Sylvia. How could you leave us hangin’ like that. Hey, you ARE a guvmint employee ain’t ya?!

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