Chapter 33.2

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His Substitute Wife… My Sister Chapter 33.2 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

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  1. IF you haven’t guessed. Nevada’s story will continue in Paradise’s story. If you don’t know who Paradise is, you need to pick up Tanner’s Devil and then know a little bit about Lethal’s nemesis from Chicago. Can anyone name the cousin who Lethal can’t stand? Anyone? anyone?

  2. So King is protecting Pari because she was sold to him by her dad. and Pari and Nev are sisters. Please write that story next Sylvia you got me waiting on like three books casue I really really really want DARK FACADE

  3. Either prince or emperor!!! i was just gonna ask if nevada was pari’s sister?? kool

  4. i was just going to say smells like something new is cooking. (the whole nevada scene). darn the name is like right there in my mind but i cant reach it . oh well its 11.44 pm gots to sleep but i am so on itlilo

  5. Hmm Great post aww poor Paker bet he can’t do it that is keep away from Charisse that is lol. Anyhoo isn’t it King Heart or something like that. Gotta get back to work great posts sylvia

  6. Is it King or Emperor or something like that lol. Can’t member at the moment lol 😉

  7. I just love how you connect the characters in your story. I thought I had seen the last of Paradise in Tanner’s devil……I guess not. Lethal hates his cousin King Heart….from Sin’s Iniquity. I definitely have to read Tanner’s Devil again because I do not remember anything about Lethal having enemies. Damn, Damn, DamnI love how Parker wants her just for her and realize that she is not like those nasty trampy heifers. Syliva more damage to all of them especially Cheyenne and that fat slob Jaine.MORE……..

  8. I think I remember his name being King, cuz I remember Queen. But I am gonna go check now-Prissy4Lyfe

  9. I am so glad Jaelen got the wind punched out of him. His mouth needs a beat down. But, I remember how hot he is in bed…and all is forgiven…arrogant ass. I cant remember then name…let me go read real quick

  10. We all know that Lethal CAN NOT stand KING HEART! I figured that one out sylvia but I was thinking that Neveda was going to be the woman for Lethal. She sounds like she will be up to speed with him on the sex since she likes a big d***. And we all know that Lethal has one…lol. She will eventually run into Lethal trying to find her sister and everything is going to hit the fan when they meet eachother. Am I right? I like Neveda and I have to go back to Tanner’s devil to remember who Paradise was. I think she was a friend of Tanner but I am not sure. I am going to refresh my memory. Great Post. I love the fight with Parker and Jaelen. It is so true about men wanting sex all the time when you are pregnant. It’s like they are psyche or something.

  11. You knew we was going to ask about Neveda’s story. “Black heart” are we going to get to find out why Lethal hates him. Because I want to know. I got this feeling we are going to need tissue. Charisse when Parker get back let the seduction begin. Parker you want Charisse stop fightin’ the feeling.

  12. Sylvia, Love the update and the answer is KING HEART!! Your stories are just getting juicer and juicer.. can’t wait for the make sex btw parker and charisee.. speaking of make up.. i feel something fishy about nevada and joanie.. I mean she could be part of a plot with cheyenne and joanie.. taa2s

  13. Sylvia, you are taxing my brain but I think his name is King Heart, just like the others have said. Jaelen may not realize it but he and Ethan just increased Parker’s lust for Charisse. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Parker! And Thank You Parker for punching Jaelen. And Thank You Ethan for being a shit starter. 🙂

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