Chapter 12.2

short and sweet, but this is the end of Chapter 12.

You should be very happy that I got you two chapters in one day. That’s pretty good for me.

At this rate, I’ll be done with this baby within a month if there’s no more life’s hiccups.

loving the story and loving Parker. He’s hilarious.

don’tcha think?



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His Substitute Wife… My Sister Chapter 12.2 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

9 thoughts on “Chapter 12.2

  1. Parker IS hillarious. And Im imgaining what the cop must think…do I give him a ticket or let him go cuz…DAMN! Haha!

  2. I am diggin this story. Charissa needs help, “seriously!” Cyna is on the boarderline. I don’t know should I hate her or like her. That trix done some damage. Turkey baster (LOL)hee hee Yeah that what every woman wants…a turkey baster. (LOL)Is Cyna frigid. Because she has all the symptoms: cold excuses for not have sex or intimacy. Now we know how the father die and one of reason their mother was cold with her daugther. I am confuse in several statement you writen their was poor. But why would their mother did not leave anything to Cyna and Cheyenne. Also their father left everything to Charissa not her older sisters. I might be wrong but poor people trend to leave debit not money. I am calling everyone who reading this wonderful twist story. Help me pursuit Sylvia that we want Charissa and Paul to have TRIPLE. Please ladies say with me…….TRIPLE…TRIPLE…TRIPLE. Come on Sylvia you did twin twice to the same female characters but different father in STEALING INNOCENCE I. We want triple!

  3. Btw, Sylvia, congratulations on your new move. I hope you and the kids are very happy in your new home.Suprina

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