Chapter 12

I couldn’t help it. I was on a roll.

But this is really it for the day.

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His Substitute Wife… My Sister Chapter 12 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

7 thoughts on “Chapter 12

  1. Don’t forget to invite friends to the blog.This makes great watercooler fodder and long talks on the phone.Bookclubs are also invited to read, so invite all the readers you know so we can get a group talk. I might have a chat day and see what happens. Ask questions, pick my brain and let’s make this a really fun interactive story.I love your comments.

  2. I thought of refreshing one last time before closing the window.. and i got one more chapter… :-))))))..

  3. Okay Charisse killed the father I thought it was suicide and Chyna made it a game again WTF!! How you keep dropping all these tidbits of info just all random like then they ain’t even going to do it. A turkey baster. I want my baby making chapters what has happened to those!!!

  4. The offline messages of threats for freaky sex are hilarious and i decided to answer them online in the comments so I won’t bug you with the different posts throughout the story.No freaky baby making sex will be involved. Yes, you can make a baby with a turkey baster. I looked it up under turkey baster pregnancy. And to the stalker on my phone, yes yes yes they will have sex…. eventually but lawd da’help I have to have some sexual tension and it’s hard to have sex with someone knowing that they slept with your sisters already and you don’t know what kind of man he realy is.

  5. LOL. See how you done spoiled these people with your freaky sex scenes, Sylvia? Now they expect it all the time and in earlier chapters. LOL.I must confess, I am one of ‘them’. (Can’t get no more honest than that.) But on a moral ground, I really didn’t want Charisse to have sex with Parker. At least not yet. Especially not while he is still married to her sister. I guess I wanted Charisse to be better than her sisters in every way. Plus, the girl is already a head case. Joining the ranks of Cheyenne and being put in the other woman category is hard enough for most sane women. For somebody as unstable as Charisse, it could send her on a killing spree. No, let Charisse get her mind right first before she take on Parker that way. Hopefully Parker will have his stuff together by then, too, ’cause I’m seriously starting to wonder about his sanity as well.But hey, this is your book, Sylvia. Write it the way it flows out of you. Either way, I know I’m going to be entertained.Suprina

  6. I can’t believe that they are about to do this. This is one crazy idea but I heard people actually do that to get pregnant. Not my cup of tea I need the real thing…lol.

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