Chapter 13

And what happened to you yesterday Sylvia?

Sylvia blew her back out moving her entire house in and she couldn’t move. Plus, the DSL didn’t work and now AT&T has to come out there and find out what the problem is.

She feels a little better now and is back at work (her benefit job) and can get on the Internet. But they (her job) moved her desk to the front of the room and she can’t see when and where the supervisor is coming so she has to get on the Internet by stealth.

In a few days she might have to resort to emailing her posts in because their going to clean the system and she (Sylvia) is now as we speak saving all her work to a flash drive to make sure nothing is lost off her work computer.

Very high due to pain pills, Sylvia is feeling a little better than the usual self (she is high on pain pills – darvocet) and may post something out of the ordinary, but hey you’re use to that. (Hence the third person reference because she is not responsible for what may happen.)

She missed her readers and she was pheening to write because oddly she missed Charisse and Parker, but couldn’t. (The computer didn’t even get unpacked until ten o’clock pm yesterday.) Although she found a way to throw in some weird sex scene, which hopefully you will see it by the end of the day. DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO GET A SEX SCENE FOR SOMEONE WITH A FEAR OF TOUCH?!!! GOOD LAWD!!! I REALLY CHALLENGED MYSELF THIS TIME.

She is clicking away to get chapter 13 and 14 for her readers by the end of the day. Anyhoo, back to work and enjoy the post. She’ll answer the comments that were left as soon as she is done approving them.



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His Substitute Wife… My sister Chapter 13 (c) 2008 Sylvia Hubbard

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  1. Hey Sylvia,Hope your back is ok now and you’re feeling better.Hope your pills won’t make you too sleepy as we want the rest of the story, lol

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