Sex Weed – Chapter 31.2

As is my wont, I totally changed the story (well just this part.) Something else happened and then I festered over the weekend just lulling this in my head and I said, you know what, I want Dana to get some more and I wanted to really throw Melissa in a loop.


I did bring Tyrone in the fray

And if you didn’t read Mistaken Identity, please quit emailing me offline asking me about Dana, Jerome and Tyrone. You gotta read the story to understand all that’s happening.(you know who you are)

And in response to the other email note, LOL, yeah I’m nasty if that’s the case. (I won’t even tell you what they said, but you get the gist – winking one eye).

Migraines are back as usual, but hey that’s like the same song with different lyrics and it all ends the same way.

Happy Monday and enjoy…


“this is a work in progress at:

3 thoughts on “Sex Weed – Chapter 31.2

  1. if you read chapter 31.2 one time, refresh your screen and read it again. I made some corrections cause i hit the post button too early. sorry.

  2. Poor Melissa has no clue about Dana and her husbands, awe. Great read. Loved Melissa’s reaction and Dana love in the afternoon. Yes and thanks for the previous chappy of my Grae and Zeke, love them two. JV

  3. Oh man that was one of the funniest chapters Sylvia. I was laughing so hard at Melissa because she didn’t have a clue in what was going on. She was funnier when Grae caught them together. Great Post. Tori

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