SEx Weed – Chapter 30

Okay, last chapter of the day. The last one was supposed to be the last one, but durnit, I decided you guys have been good, although I would love to see more views on the site so get out there and get people addicted to Sex Weed, LOL

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Sex Weed – Chapter 30 (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard

7 thoughts on “SEx Weed – Chapter 30

  1. Yes she would that cleared up a lot of confusion but not all of it I think that reed killed rachel. but who was his sister didn’t know about that and he slept with reed mom that’s crazy ok

  2. Still a few things nagging me. In earlier chapter you indicate that P. and M. switched places when Reed snuck in the window to have a little fun in bed in the past. Then I believe you indicated that Dyson also snuck into the room a couple of times (I think?). I was wondering who really is Daniel’s mother and who is really the father. I’m thinking if Dyson snuck in then he could be the father. Which women is really married to Reed – P. or M.? Can you also give more of a back story maybe from Reed’s and P./M’s perspective about when they actually got married. I am assuming P. has been living as Reed’s ‘wife’ all this time.

  3. You are so nice to us Sylvia 3 posts in one day YAY you made my day. Gotta run. Am finally understanding some of it now. Wow reed & dyson visiting p and m . Who is daniels father then or mother for that fact. Anyhoo gotta get back to work. Thanks Sylvia. Deja

  4. I’m battling some confusion on the same issues as anon #1. Who IS Daniel’s real mother? Real father? So much switching has gone on that I don’t know exactly WHO did WHAT to WHOM?Help a sista out, Sylvia.Suprina

  5. are reed and dyson twins too this is probably a question you have answered or should be obvisious but it just clicked that they have to be if they are swicthing like pen and mel

  6. Yeah I would like to know is Melissa really is daniels mother and who is really his father. I think Dyson is Daniels father. I wonder did Melissa hear what they said. Great Post! Tori

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