Sex Weed – Readers Questions/Comments Answered

Africa: Why was there cocaine in Rachel s body. Could Reed have had anything to do with that
Sylvia: Could be. What do you think? Thanks for seeing that.

Carmel Beauty: I think that reed killed rachel. but who was his sister didn’t know about that and he slept with reed mom

Sylvia: This was said a few chapters ago about the dirty things that he had done when he was speaking with Melissa.

2Anonymous readers, Suprina, Deja & Tori: In earlier chapter you indicate that P. and M. switched places when Reed snuck in the window to have a little fun in bed in the past. Then I believe you indicated that Dyson also snuck into the room a couple of times (I think?). I was wondering who really is Daniel’s mother and who is really the father. I’m thinking if Dyson snuck in then he could be the father. Which women is really married to Reed – P. or M.? Can you also give more of a back story maybe from Reed’s and P./M’s perspective about when they actually got married. I am assuming P. has been living as Reed’s ‘wife’ all this time.

Sylvia: Gotta break this one down because some of this I’ll answer, some I won’t – just because I don’t want to reveal the story at all. Yes, I’m keeping the secret of who is daniel’s father and mother for a little longer. Gotta keep you guessing, but its a whooper. Figured that one out when I was doing some research. Now I will give you a story spoileer, because maybe I need to go back and give you that clue, Melissa really is (or was) married to Reed, which is why Lorenzo was able to facilitate the divorce. You’re about to get the back story when Grae corners Melissa in a couple of chapters. And yes, P has been living as Reed’s wife all this time.

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