Sex Weed – Chapter 29.2

took you a couple of hours back to resolve some confusion.

helping you get some understanding of what’s going on and then going on from Dyson’s perspective.

After this post, please post all questions that confuse you so I can go through and find out if I’ve answered them and then make sure that I rear the story to give you the answers you need.

I might have missed something which is why this feedback is so important.

Tomorrow is the chat and I might schedule it for earlier in the morning depending on what i’m dong. (11am would be good for me)



this is a work in progress at:

Sex Weed – chapter 29.2 (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard

Don’t forget to list all questions that you’re confused about
in the comments right now!!

2 thoughts on “Sex Weed – Chapter 29.2

  1. Uh Oh what up with Jerome? Darn i hate when you do that Sylvia making us wonder what is happening lol. Which is a good thing keeps us on our toes. Anyway keep up the good work sweetie. Deja

  2. Thanks for going back to the conversation in the room. I was wondering what went on. Tori

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