Sex Weed – Part 22.

the last post for tell it tuesday was actually 21.2, so if you didn’t read it because you thought it was a repeat, then read it now, before you read this chapter.

In upcoming chapters, I’m going to introduce you to Montgomery. He was Jode’s brother in RedHeart, so if you don’t know the story, then pick it up at the bookstore on my website. .

Anyhoo, here’s a taste of the next chapter of Sex Weed. Now if you’ve never read Mistaken Identity, then don’t ask me about the situation between Dana, Tyrone and Jerome because you won’t understand it unless you’ve read that hot mess of a story.



this is a work in progress at:

5 thoughts on “Sex Weed – Part 22.

  1. Awww I feel so bad for Jerome because Dana actually loved him first before she found out about Tyrone. Sylvia you need to write a sequel to that story and cause some type of conflict there or you can even though something in while your writing sex weed. That would be exciting. I really hope that Melissa is calling Reed because she needs to get out of this mess. Keep it coming Sylvia. Tori

  2. Sylvia, I honestly don’t know how Jerome, Tyrone, and Dana made it this far. Those brothers are way too competitive, especially that Tyrone. I feel bad for Dana if/when she ever has to choose between them. There’s so much history and so many soul ties with both men.As for the current story, I honestly don’t know what to think of Melissa and her crazy sister Penelope (I think that’s her name). They played a dirty trick a long time ago and it has been blowing up in their faces ever since. Especially with 2 more crazy brothers, Reed and Dyson.Thanks for keeping it good, girl.Suprina

  3. I agree with tori about a sequel or adding more about the twins and dana in this book i have always wondered how they could make there threesome work As for sex weed good story line I like where it is heading so far so tell me I can keep a secert who is going to die I promise I won’t tell

  4. I can see Tyrone being mean because the baby girl is his. Jerome, you still have a son even though his twin is Tyrone’s. Keep wishing for more children.

  5. HI Sylvia good chapter. Poor Jerome i feel for the guy being in luv with the same woman must be hard on him seeing that the other man is his brother. Anyway keep up the good work. Good luck with your car situation i hope everything works out. Deja

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