Sex Weed Part 11.3

A quick drive to a nearby boutique gave her only the option to get some black or red silk underwear. Their office building was located so close to downtown unless she took more time to find a dollar store, she had to settle on what she found at the exclusive boutique.

“That’s perfect,” the sales rep said. “The red would look better on you.”

“How would you know?” Melissa asked.

“Because I’ve been doing this enough to know that whether red or black looks good on a woman from a man’s perspective.”

Melissa picked up the black. “I’m not trying to go on a man’s perspective.”

After purchasing the underwear and bra set, she returned to work just in time to greet Lorenzo Lintez, Dyson’s lawyer.

The last time she had seen him was on her first day at Dyson’s office when she had nervously waited for Dyson to get out of a meeting to see her to accept Dyson’s job proposal over two months ago.

She remembered wondering if Dyson would remember her and when he pretended like he didn’t know her, she pretended like she had not known him.

Mixed with crossed Hispanics bloodlines, Lorenzo was a strapping male, dark skinned with piercing hazel brown eyes that seemed to see right through a person. He wasn’t intimidating, but he was large, just like Dyson with just a smirk on his face all the time like he didn’t believe one word anyone said.

Lorenzo’s kind eyes greeted her and he smirked remembering her. “You look no worse for wear. Are you sure you work for Dyson?”

She smiled. “Unfortunately. I just can hide my emotions real well and I need this job badly.”

“If you’re as good as Dyson professes you to be, I might be inclined to offer you employment in my new Detroit offices, but Dyson might be upset if I stole you away.”

Hiding her shock that Dyson actually said something nice about her, she pretended a cough to shield this. “A little,” she said knowingly. “And wouldn’t it be some kind of conflict of interest if I worked for

“Only your interest would be of value because I wouldn’t want
you to lose your sanity. Now where is he?”

At that moment the conference room opened and Dyson walked out. In tow were Tyson, along with a man that looked identical to him. The only reason Melissa didn’t suspect this man to be Tyson was because he was dressed in a grey suit and Tyson wore blue.

If it hadn’t been the fact she noticed Tyrone in the well-tailored suit, Melissa would have mistaken the second man for him.

Along with this other man, a very attractive black young woman held his arm, laughing at something that had been said inside the room.

“Can you possible be any funnier, Jerome?” Tyrone growled at

the identical looking man.

“I try, dear brother. Dana loves my sense of humor.”

The woman saw Tyrone had not liked what had been so amusing to her and she moved over to take his arm. “Don’t be bad tempered, Ty. You promised me dinner tonight.”

This seemed to completely change him and he pulled her close forgetting they had an audience and kissed her.

Even though it was kiss, Melissa was a little jealous about how passionate it was.

The woman blushed and pushed away. Reluctantly looking away from Tyson, she noticed Melissa.

“That’s her,” Tyson said.

Completely moving away and coming toward Melissa, she outstretched her hand. “Melissa, I’ve heard so much about you? I’m Dana Lott”

“From whom did you hear so much about?” Melissa asked suspiciously before shaking Dana’s hand.

“Dyson spoke quite reverently about you.”

Tyrone and Dyson cleared their throats and shot daggers with their eyes at Dana.

She ignored them. “I can’t wait to see you in Toronto. Tyrone said he invited you.”

“She might be busy that weekend,” Dyson said.

“I’ve never been out the country,” Melissa said at the same time. “I wouldn’t know a thing about getting there.”

“Nonsense,” Dana insisted. “If Dyson can’t bring you, I’ll make my husbands send a car for you.”

Melissa didn’t know if she should correct the woman about saying husbands. It had to be a mistake. No one had two husbands. She looked over at Dyson who only shook his head with a look for her not to say anything.

“It was very nice to meet you, Melissa,” Dana said with a strange blush over her face.

“You too,” Melissa said honestly.

“Can you show Mr. Lintez to my office while I walk them out,
Melissa,” Dyson ordered.

Stiffly, she said, “Yes, Mr. Peare.” She knew as she walked away with the lawyer Dyson was watching her intently. Something had made him angry at her for some reason and she had no doubt that meddling Tyson had something to do with it. But what? Had they figured something out? Had her secret come to the surface?

What had she done now?

Sex Weed Part 11.3 (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard