Sex Weed Part 12

the body will do what the body will do

I’ve always believed we are given a false sense of control when it comes to our bodies. WE think that we have control all the time, but most times we are just faked into believing that we do.

I was so exhausted this weekend that I think I was just on auto pilot yesterday. Seriously and it was a scary thing driving around, speaking to people, getting back into my usual uprooted routine and just interacting with my children.

I wasn’t normal. Didn’t like it.

So I didn’t get a chance to work on the book all weekend and for that I do apologize, but when I got home last night and passed out and then a friend came over which cheered me up a little and then I started pounding out chapter 12 of this story.

I figured out a little bit of what is going on between Melissa and Penelope and I’ve been doing scientific research on twins.

Gawd, it’s just amazing what’s changed in science since I last researched this.

Anyhoo, I then got stuck on who was Taylor’s best friend. I knew his last name was Lintez and I knew he was a family lawyer, but you (the reader) haven’t met him and I needed you to meet him.

Especially with me building up the Bellini stories as we speak. I wanted you to get acquainted with all of them – even the ones not related.

Hence, Lorenzo Lintez.

If you don’t know or haven’t read the excerpt from The Other Side of Love, he’s Taylor’s best friend.

His mother died when he was just a child and she was close friends to Taylor’s aunt, who raised her. He was adopted by the aunt and grew up with the Bellini cousins all together.

He’s the only one who can put up with Taylor and they share everything.

He’s moving his law practice to Detroit to stay around his family who are moving as well from Chicago to Detroit.

(But I’ll go more into detail about that in another book)

In any case, he’s Dyson lawyer and goes wherever the money is.

Nothing special bout Lorenzo. He’s handsome – as all who are with the Bellini – but he has this hometime boyish feel about him that makes women very comfortable around.

He’s the reasoning tool I’m using.

As to what’s Tyrone really up to, I’m still trying to find that out, but I dont’ doubt it’s something to mess Dyson up. I really don’t doubt that.

Thanks for your patience and thank you for all the love and emails of concern for me.

Guess what?! No migraines! All the strain and stress I was under this weekend, not one migraine hit me.

I’m happy about that.

I’ve been a good girl. I’ve cut a lot of things out my diet – except sugar, but when I tried Splenda and other sugar substitutes it either tasted nasty or made my migraines come back worse.

I’ve only used one bottle of migraine medicine this month so that’s pretty good.

All your suggestions seem to be working.

I should be done with Love 101 by sometime today. I want to concentrate on Sex Weed a little bit more and then I’m doing some typing on Drawing the Line.

I picked up an intern for the summer and LaDontai is just wonderful. She’s helping me out so much and I really think my conference will look like a real conference with her around.

She’s taking a lot of back ground stress off my shoulders.

BTW, I’m looking for sponsors for my conference in November, so if any of you have any ideas, please help a sistah out.

Okay, enough talkie talk. I can hear you say, where’s the post Sylvia?



“Are you sure it was a bright idea inviting her?” Jerome asked as they waited for the elevator.

“It was a great idea. Dyson needs to be laid every hour on the hour and she needs a fucking break away from all the bull shit he throws at her while at work,” Tyrone said.

“It’s not as if you’re going to be fucking in the middle of the dinner table while we’re sitting at it,” Dyson snipped at Jerome.

Dana, Jerome and Tyrone looked at each other for a moment and they all smiled about something secretly.

“I won’t even asked what that was about. And please make sure you’ve bleached the table before we get there,” Dyson sneered disgustedly. “Just be careful.”

“Are you sure what you’re doing you should do? At least find out a little bit more
information about her before you go committing to pay all the shit for her,” Tyrone said. “I mean fucking her and buying her are two different things.”

“Very rarely do I agree with anything my brother says, but in this regard I do, Dyson,” Jerome stated.

Dana interjected. “Now as far as I know from the two of you, Dyson has always made great decisions, which is why you decided to use him to build the intranet to connect our companies together to help us grow. I think anything Dyson decides is fine as long as it’s not deceiving to her.”

“From a business standpoint, Dyson is fantastic. He’s professional and the best in his field this side of the Mississippi,” Jerome agreed with Dana. “But on a personal level, Dyson has never made a good decision when it comes to women toward his own happiness since his wife died.”

“I’m almost agreeing with him, but then you’d think I wanted to get along with my brother,” Tyrone said to Dyson.

“Fuck the both of you. I know what I’m doing,” Dyson growled and leaned in to kiss Dana on her cheek. “You’re doing a good job with them.”

“I’m trying,” she said giggling not taking his anger seriously.

“Don’t say we didn’t warn you,” Jerome said.

“And stay out of it, Tyrone. The only reason you’re agreeing with me is because you probably convinced him to do something crazy.”

“What?” Tyrone asked incredulously as if he were caught doing something already, but shot a side glance at Dyson. “I haven’t done anything.”

Dyson took note of this and then remembered something. “I should know you. And I know your penchant for trouble. I spoke with Ezekiel not too long ago and matter of fact; I think he did warn me.”

“You want the truth from her don’t you?” Tyrone questioned.

“I do.”

“What did he tell you to do?” Dana demanded to know.

He didn’t want to admit to them he had liked Tyrone’s idea of trying to get the truth out of her, so he said, “Just Tyrone’s little mind games.” This would also make sure that Tyrone didn’t think he was going with his scheme.

“That’s what you get for having a small circle of friends,” Jerome chuckled at his brother.

“Dana’s going to be one less husband if you get involved,” Dyson threatened.

The doors to the elevator opened, but even as Tyrone stepped into it, he still didn’t acknowledge that he would keep his business to himself.

Dyson seriously wanted to know what was in Tyrone’s head, but it would be easier to put his teeth out rather than trying to get out what Tyrone was trying to do.

As he walked back slowly to his office, he still wondered how he was going to make her fall in love with him. He knew number one he would have to change his disposition to her, but hell, if he smiled at her, she would immediately become suspicious. Yet the only time she ever showed emotion toward him was when he was touching her.

Touch her more?

Tease her! Make her want it. The more she wanted him, the more she would think about him. The more she thought about him, the more her heart had a chance of opening up.

His plan was ingenious! She wouldn’t know what hit her.

Walking in the office, he saw that she wasn’t in there and Lorenzo was sitting in front of Dyson’s desk, looking through the papers that had been faxed to him by Dyson along with the detailed request. He knew Melissa would do her job and call the lawyer, but he wanted Lorenzo to have a heads up on what was going to happen today.

“Are you sure you know what you’re doing?” Armando asked as Dyson sat behind his desk.

“Of course I do. Can you make this happen without her knowing?”

“Without her knowing you aren’t really going to do what you are telling her you’re going to do?” Lorenzo asked. “Not only are you asking me to lie to her, but also lie to the state of

“All she has to do is sign the papers and give me partial custody. She doesn’t have to
know we aren’t.”

“Why can’t you just tell her the truth and allow her to know you can’t really do what you say you are going to do?”

“Why are you asking so many damn questions, Lorenzo?”

“It’s my job to know everything and tell little.” Lorenzo said smirking. “Now why?”

“I need the truth from her, Lorenzo and the only way to get it is to make her believe
that I’m there all the way. If she found out I’m still… well, you know, then I won’t be able to get what I need from her.”

“What could be the truth? Why don’t I do a little bit more digging before you go ahead with this mess?”

“That would take too long. Just do it this way and don’t let her know.”

Lorenzo was about to say more, but she walked in the room carrying an arm full of paperwork and a tray with the tea Lorenzo had requested.

Dyson’s eyes immediately went to her dress to see a panty liner, but his curiosity was piqued as to what color she could have possible picked out.

“Have a seat,” he ordered as he tried to stop thinking about how good her ass looked under that dress and he wished how he could kick Lorenzo out the room so he could-

“Let’s get down to business quickly,” Lorenzo said. “We are here today to discuss
several things that you and Mr. Peare have already agreed upon, correct?”

“Yes,” she said. “I’ve agreed to give over partial custody of my son, Daniel, and to give

Mr. Peare joining custody over any children I may have with him – if I am … or could be pregnant out of wedlock.”

“Having the child out of wedlock won’t give Mr. Peare the right to it, nor will it give him custody of Daniel,” Lorenzo said regretfully.

She looked confused and Dyson knew she would.

“What do you mean?” Melissa looked at Dyson for a clear answer.

“The only way to give me what I want is to marry me, Melissa.”

It looked as if she was trying to stifle a gasp, but her lips were pursed so tight he couldn’t tell, Was she angry? Upset? Ready to scream his head off?

“I can’t,” she said adamantly. “And if you know me so well, then you know I can’t. That’s how you found me, right? Because you were digging around and found out that I was married to him.”

“I could call him right now.”

“I won’t do it, Dyson!” she screamed slamming her fist against the front of his desk.

This was the anger he expected. Her brown eyes blazed and her breath quickened. She was upset. She was so angry it was arousing. Yes, he wish Lorenzo wasn’t in the room because it would take less than five seconds to sweep off the damn desk and drag her across it.

Remaining calm, Dyson simply said, “You have to. You promised and you already know
the consequences.”


He picked up the receiver of the phone and began to dial.

She rose up swiftly and knocked the phone off the desk ending what he was doing.

“I can’t.” Melissa leaned over the desk.

He stood up meeting her challenge. “Yes, you can. All you have to do is sign the papers and end it all. We’ll be married before he’s even notified.”

“Impossible. I’ll never get his consent.”

“Not really,” Lorenzo stated. “All I need is the proof that you’ve been head of household for a certain amouth of time, you sign a statement that says you’ve done this alone for
that time and we can get the divorce within three days with custody going solely to you. Once that’s done, I’ll start the process of marriage and in less than eight days you can legally marry anyone you want.”

She turned to Lorenzo. “You knew when you came in here?”

“Mr. Peare gave me a small heads up before coming,” Lorenzo admitted.

Turning back to him, she asked, “And how long have you been thinking about this?”

“Since I found out that son of a bitch was married. Why does he deserve his happiness when I’ve never had mine.”

“That’s not his fault your wife died, Dyson,” Melissa said defensively.

“Whether it is or isn’t, he doesn’t deserve you,” Dyson refuted. “Now sign those papers.”

She finally looked confused as she lowered herself back to her seat. “It’s more to all of this than you think.”’

“You’re making it complicated, Melissa.”

“No I’m not.”

“You have no one.”

“You don’t know that. You don’t know anything about me, Dyson!” There was a lot of hurt in that voice and he had to wonder if what she said was true.

Still, he needed this. He needed her consent and he needed her to give him what he wanted and that was a way to finally destroy Reed Lawson.

Her bottom lip trembled, but other than that she didn’t show any more emotions. Dyson stared intently at her face just waiting for her to get even angrier with him.

“I know enough,” he responded casually sitting down. “I know enough about you to know that you have no one to turn to except the only man you want nothing to do with. Your mother died before you reached the age of ten, your father died some years ago and any family they had you’ve ostracized yourself from in an attempt to make sure Reed can’t reach you to protect Daniel.”

A look of relief crossed her features, but then briefly left. Was there someone else?

“Melissa, there’s no one else who will ever give you the opportunity I can give you and on top of that you know that I can and will keep Daniel away from Reed,” Dyson finalized.

“I need to think about this.”

“There’s nothing to think about.”

“Dyson, I-“

“You’ve got five minutes.”

“For what?”

“To think about it.”

“Five minutes is nothing. I need more time.”

“Four minutes and thirty seconds.”

She jumped out the chair and stormed out the door.

“I don’t think she’s coming back,” Lorenzo said.

“She has no where to go,” Dyson stated and forced himself not to think about that look on her face that nicked at his gut. Was there someone else she could turn to? Was there somewhere else she could go? No! If there was, she would have done it by now.

“I think you were rather forceful, Dyson,” Lorenzo noted. “And maybe she should just know the truth instead of her going through the farce.”

“She can’t know the truth about that. Now would you just do your job I’m paying you for.”

Lorenzo gritted his teeth and sighed. “How much time?”

“Less than two minutes.” He looked at the door wishing he could see through it. ‘Where the hell was she? What the hell could she be trying to think about?’

Dyson had purposely backed her in the corner with no place to turn. Maybe he had driven her to Reed? Maybe she had snuck out and now she was on her way to surrender to Reed?! She had no intentions of ever divorcing him! Reed had his grips into her mind, body and soul and Dyson had no chance in hell of ever winning! Not with her! Not from the beginning!

He stood up and started to go around his desk to find her outside the office, but the
door swung open and she came into the office, slammed the door and stumped up to the desk.

Her eyes were read from crying and her skin was blotchy from rubbing tears away. “I hate you, Dyson Peare, but I’ll do it! I’ll divorce Reed and marry you!”

What the hell had happened in those last minutes to her?

Sex Weed Part 12 (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard

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  1. What a nasty thing to do to her. I feel so bad for her and angry for her at the same time. I still do not like Dyson cant stand the guy. lol 🙂 Anyway keep up the awesome work Syvlia.Deja

  2. Okay Reed and Dyson can’t be twins because they are stepbrothers. I thought I had read that. But, if it was dark I see how he impregnated her, but how he get away with the marriage thing, or is she really married to Dyson. I don’t know what’s going on now. But, I love Melissa. I used to hate Dyson, but since I am a connoisseur of the human emotion, I like him now. He’s an ass but he’s soft on Melissa. He might want her to do it all the time, but he looks out for her, and it seems like nobody has ever done that. So, he gets a couple of stars for that. we haven’t met Reed but he sounds so I don’t know FIne as Wine comes to mind. Keep up the good work. Oh yea I used to get migraines and a chick told me about sipping black coffee. It helps, don’t know of someone already gave you that tip.

  3. Sylvia……why would Dyson do a scam like this for? why can’t he jkust tell the truth!!!!!!!!! I feel bad for Melissa becuz it seems she’s always being pushed into a corner and forced to make drastic life-changing decisions BUT Dyson is sort of looking out for her BUT so many secrets between them I’ll need an umbrella the day all this stuff blows up! what suspense U makin’ us swim in sylvia!! but it’s fabulous!I also heard that sipping black coffee helps migraines. Terez

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