What happened to Sylvia?

She’s dead tired.

This is her alter ego talking cause if she speaks or even gets near a keypad, she’s going to try to start writing the story.

She was up for four days (Fri – Monday) at an expo in detroit and got absolutely no rest, so whenever she started typing she would fall asleep all today at work.

Do not ask me how she even got past working on a regular job and talk to people becasue she’s not sure what she said to them.

In any case, you’re right, she owes you double and I promise to make her post bright and early tomorrow.

If you’ve sent emails and she didn’t reply, that’s because she’s weeding through over 5000 emails sent to her in a four day period plus the ones from today.

She loves you and she hopes you’re not too made at her.

and for your patience, she’ll be releasing a special book this week called Love 101 for only fifty cents.

She’ll let you know when it’s ready!

kisses from Motown!!!