Sin’s Iniquity – Author Interuption

I’mma comin’


That’s how many texts i have received all morning on my cell phone.

Over the weekend I received 27 in all about how upset everyone is about Dwight being dead and (along with certain threats and promises of loving me forever and ever) everyone wants me to someone create a “Lazarus.” (bring the dead back to life.)

Monday’s are my busy days and as I spent all weekend not working on the book, but being as depressed as you are that Dwight was killed off and really mad at myself for doing it, I now must get to the task this week of finishing off this book. Closing doors and so forth.

In the meantime, I’m busy typing trying to get something up on the board today and knowing I can’t give you just a little thing or you’re going to email me with “more, more more.” I hate to disappoint and I’m going as fast as possible.

So I’mma comin’…