Sin’s Iniquity – Chapter 47

Sin’s Iniquity – Chapter 47

7 thoughts on “Sin’s Iniquity – Chapter 47

  1. WTF!!!!!!!!!! I don’t understand what are you saying I should have known you would end on a cliffhanger. I am confused. Is he or isn’t he dead. keisha

  2. This all seems to be mind-blogging, Sin, talks about the experience and she really does think there is a chance of him being alive!!! Please I know you said you dont do miracles, but it all seems like Dwight still has a possibility of being alive. Why did Mel get those kids! Why people can not figure out that every time some dies and Mel gets the kids money is involved!On Mels lying A%$ Aint no way in the world a HOE, SKANK will let a man touch or screw her over for her money, lying B!!!! This is all making me mad now! Come on Sylvia, dont leave us just hanging like that! Sin deserves happiness you started her off at the bottom and when you start at the bottom only place left to go is to the top, take her to the top please with love, joy(baby) and happiness Even Lifetime has movies with happy endings! lol…Tia

  3. Hey can i shoot Jackson, i would gladly do it. Ths B. Sylvia how could you do this to us so near the end and yet another cliffhanger. All haill to the queen of cliffhangers! lol 🙂 Dejamich

  4. Oh my goodness…if Dwight isn’t alive after all this to come back and get the revenge that he deserves on those losers, then I’m just gonna fall apart. Ugh, the man was holding on for dear life to his woman. I am so with you Tia.

  5. Ok….I know I’m like a dog with a bone here. But please…PLEASE!!…let that bitch Mel get whats coming to her. Cuz if not….all is NOT! right with the universe. She has done too much to people for karma NOT to kick her ass..for real.Ljay

  6. Ok this must be me overanalysising again, but Annelle was the one who was said to have saved Sinclaire. Now if Jackson wrenched Dwight off of Sin, did Annelle get to her after Jackson or was she right there with him.i’m only wondering cause I know Annelle loves Jackson, and I’m trying to believe that she truly loves her sister but she hasn’t proven that love as of yet…and it might look as if she might do anything to help out Jackson. Even though I don’t think Jackson really wanted to kill Sin but Annelle could of possibly showed him where she and Dwight were. Maybe Annelle is lying about how she found Sin and what she knows about Dwight. Ugh I don’t know…these cliffhangers are wracking my brain.

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