"A dirty book is rarely dusty."

“A dirty book is rarely dusty.”
Reading about sex can do wonders for your sex life. The brain is the largest sexual organ, so give it some love with a good novel, a racy short story, or even your own dirtiest thoughts put on paper. Erotica is everywhere right now, so your choices are endless. (by Dr. Laura Berman.)Dirty book of the Week:Mistaken Identity


The Cliffhanger Queen Does it Again!!, November 13, 2006Reviewer:Octavia M. Lesley “ready reader” (Detroit, Michigan (USA)) – See all my reviews Sylvia Hubbard once again uses her uncanny ability to spin a good tale into a great adventure with this latest offering. From the first few pages to the climatic ending, the reader is left panting, sweating, and desperately wanting more of this literary drug Sylvia seemingly cooks up on her computer. Sylvia takes the idea of twins switching lives to an unfathomable level and leaves the reader to their moral dilemmas and devices. And true-to-form, just when you think Sylvia’s written herself into an inescapable corner she tunnels through a mice hole and you’re forced to follow in pursuit of an ending to the madness. Kudos to the writer!! Octavia Lesley Detroit’s Premier Romance Writer and Editor
Incredible!!!, August 28, 2006Reviewer:Henry W. Braswell Jr. (Chesapeake, Virginia) – See all my reviews My girlfriend and I started reading Mistaken Identity yesterday and stayed up last night until we had finished it. What a ride! So very clever and the twists and turns were nonstop. We could hardly wait to delve into the next chapters we were so hooked on the read. A must read for all adults with a good sense of humor.

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  1. Congrats on the book of the week! Look at the blessings rolling in…you were able to keep your house, the family is all safe and healthy, and now look what happened to start your week off…positive recognition for your work. Your destined for big things Sylvia, keep up the good work.Oh and I agree with the reviews.

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