Sin’s Iniquity – Chapter 46.2

I didn’t not like this. I cried. … I don’t know why. I know this is just a story but it was hard to write about loss.

i won’t say enjoy this time…. have a good weekend …



Sin’s Iniquity – Chapter 46.2 (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard

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  1. ok I have realized when I wait till I get home to read the post it is always bad always so I will not be doing that anymore. you have to make dwight still alive we just think he’s dead he can’t be dead please don’t let him be dead I thought something bad was going to happen to sin you never said anything about something happening to dwight this is just too unexpected. she just found love they were going to be married she is pregnant and she loses dwight. i know with your brillant writing skills that you will continue to bring us good writing but you have truly hurt my feelings I told my grandma about it like a family member had died. so like the faithful reader that I am I will continue to look for new post or if you decide to make an ebook I will certainly download just like I did baby doll, SI II, tanners devil, and teach me to love. Which by the way were all very good books so anyone reading this please do either download or buy the books. Your very sad sad reader,keisha

  2. Oh damn, Sylvia. I totally feel you on the crying! Not my man Dwight…say it ain’t so!And what’s up with Sin’s preoccupation with Chance’s staff?Can’t wait to see how all this wraps up!Philly Girl

  3. Noooo…have Lethal, King, somebody save him….Dwight can’t be gone….Jackson or Mel were the ones that shoulda died….nnnooooo. I’m gonna have a bad sad weekend now…really depressing. Thanks Sylvia, lol.

  4. Well…that sucks! Poor Sinclaire. So… when is Mel gonna get her beat-down?..lolLjay

  5. ok- i was not too far off- was i? btw i cud kill u now sylvia- don’t kill of dwight! let him be discovered else where!Aran

  6. Bye, Dwight….Sylvia warned us early that she was going to off one of them. Though I didn’t like it then, I prepared myself for either Sinclaire or Dwight dying.Now I’m waiting for Sylvia to have mercy on all of us and somehow resurrect the man. How? I don’t know. I’m sure Miss Cliffhanger will figure that out. lol.Great post, Sylvia! Btw, what is Sinclaire’s sin? What did she do so wrong that it was labeled iniquity? Get pregnant by her aunt/mother’s ex-husband?Suprina

  7. Now Sylvia you know you’re going to have to make this better. You can’t kill him off. She deserves happiness. Please I’m begging you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Sylvia, PLEASE!!!!! don’t stop until you have finish this story. You have left us your fans. The ones who have stand behind you faithful. You CANNOT STOP until the end. Remember DARK FACADE how long have we been waiting for the story….how long…really how long. You cannot stop please with sugar on top finish it for you for us for our children for world peace. For whatever reasons just finish the story. BTY WHEN is DARK FACADE going to be release the complete version. I am still waiting for that story.Hell no! Dwight is not dead! Do you hear me He is not DEAD….missing yes…dead no! You got that girlfriend…GOOD!(giving you the evil eye) You and your family are in my prays stay strong!!!

  9. I’ve read many of your stories, and I have a question. Are your characters ever happy even when it’s all said and done? Even when some of your stories when the guy gets the girl, I still don’t feel like they are happy. I can actually see seem of you’re characters who marry end in divorce. Is that the angle that you go for sometimes? It’s really emotionally draining to read some of your stuff..I’ll admit I’ve only read the interracial stuff, but damn they go through some things. I just want them to be happy sometimes. -Confused reader P.S. This is not a bashing at all, so please don’t take it that way.

  10. *Sigh*, why do all the good men have to die? Why couldn’t it be one of the a@@holes that murdered Sins mother and framed her father? Why cant it be the skid mark that shot Sin (a pregnant woman)? I’m gonna be depressed all weekend.Sure she can fall in love with another man but it will not be the same, OK I’m getting wayyyyy to emotional over the story. This story is so good I plan on buying it when you publish it, I love reading a good story over and over.PR

  11. ah hell yes you going to get a comment now!!! i can no longer hold my silence. you so killed my ANTM high. where the hell is my main man!!! WTF!!! FTP (f*** that P***/ B***) so mad you better have some genius brewing for the ending. its authors like you that make a sister fat. all this eating to control the emotions aint right. gurl u know summer is just around the connor and im losing my abs and hair reading this story damn.yea sorry about whats happening in real life and i hope u get published because the world needs to be enlightend. forget top model your top author 😛

  12. wats wrong with sinclaire thinking about chance?please please let Dwight be alive,maybe they are lying to her until the mystery is solved,right? right? if he is dead i’m greaving right now!! lol.can’t wait to read more

  13. Why or why!!! I dont believe this, why Sylvia, this was my man, my husband, my what the hell!!!!! How can you just crush my hopes and dreams. You know in this world we have a shortage on men as it is, why did you do that???? Please tell me he is not dead, he is just floating off and survived!!! Sylvia, your work will not go unnoticed! Good things come to those who wait, that is for both ways!!!!Even though you hurt me, I still love ya!

  14. Oh man what a story. I have read all your books so far Sylvia and i am a huge fan. When i realized you were writing another one it took me a week while reading them while i was at work. No one tell my boss lol, it took me a week to read it all up till i was current. Man you know how to make us cry thats for sure. Keep up the good work. Is this the end of the book? When Sin is told he is dead? Anyway i gotta get back to work but keep up the good work. I am totally addicted to your stories. Dejamich

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