Dreams of Reality Part 8

Sorry for not posting yesterday, but I’ve been trying to figure out my blog’s format. I don’t want to have to scrap this one and then go to a new one because I’ll be so upset about that.

Change is always bad when it comes to blogging, LOL.

Thanks for your patience and then some.

I should also address the people that want the update on the Reunion. I swear I’ll post by Friday. I’ve been stressed over an author I’m trying to help publish and things were not going right and I couldnt’ devote any creative energy to do anything.

As for Dark Facade, we are still having technical problems.

Once I get all the stress off my shoulders, I should churn that baby out smoothly.

I’m re-editing Tanner’s Devil because no one saw that I had changed the uploaded version from Dontello to Montello. Come on guys help a sistah out. I’m just going to expand the ending which some of you wanted me to and just correct silly crap.

When I’ve finished Dreams of Reality, I should start working on Other Side of Love and then finish off Stealing Innocence III: Lethal Heart because his story line does tie in with the Other Side of Love. I know, it all sounds confusing and you can imagine all the stories going on inside of my head and my reason I don’t sleep ,LOL.

One person did ask how do I keep up with all the story lines and characters.

Umm…. I DON’T KNOW. I hate sayin that. I mean there’s no trick to it or any kind of magic. I just do. To me, when I’m writing these stories, Lethal Heart and Kimberly Parker and William Stone are real to me. I can hear them whispering, yelling, and getting annoyed. I see what they are doing and it’s not like i’m telling the story from my imagination, but its like they are telling me what happened.

I use to think when I was like twenty or so that the stories that I made up were from souls that died and never got a chance for anyone to hear what happened to them.

But now I just understand I have an overactive imagination. I see things no one else sees. Instead of blue, I see sapphire, turquoise, navy blue and even teal and I’m able to put it down on paper so that you can see it too.

I like that. I like knowing that I have that powerful ability to give you pleasure. I like that I can open the world of the hearts, bellinis and so forth that occupies my mind 24/7 (even when I do sleep) and let you enjoy.

So if you ever meet me and wonder why I can’t stop smiling, its because I’m forever entertained by the characters you get to meet for 20 to 40 chapters, while I get to be entertained by them all day and all night long. LOL.

Okay, you’ve waited long enough.

Thanks again for your patience while figure this mess out.

Your Author,

Sylvia Hubbard



Chapter 8

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