Author Interuption : by george i think i’ve got it!

with all the frustration of trying to adjust to this blog, i’m glad i chose a story I had already started working on.
i couldnt’ figure out why things I copied and pasted fro mthe original file were not taking into the blog html’s.
it was doing a reformatting thing and it was crazy! and very frustrating because I knew you guys could not understand the story.
So here’s the deal.
Why’ll I’m figuring this story out by the format, I’ll be updating the updated downloable ebook for you like once a week and then on the weekends you can catch up, if the formatting problem is takign too long to figure out.
thanks so much for your patience.
PS. I’ll be reformatting that downloaded ebook too and quit printing off the book. Just read it onscreen til I get to the problem.
Thanks again!
Sylvia Hubbard
Author of Stone’s Revenge just newly re-released @ .
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6 thoughts on “Author Interuption : by george i think i’ve got it!

  1. Hey sylvia,Don’t worry about the formatting. It will come in time. It doesn’t take away from the storyline. A good story is a good story, and this is a damn good story if I may say so myself.Also, on the cover of Dreams of Reality, isn’t that the same chick from the cover of Tanner’s Devil? She looks familiar. Maybe I’m experiencing a dreams of reality scenario!!! LOL. Just kidding.Keep up the good work girl.

  2. If you’re trying to copy and paste from Microsoft Word or something then that’s the problem. Word formats everything and Blogger either doesn’t or can’t match it and butchers it. Try copy and pasting in something that doesn’t format everything like Notepad and then from there transfer it over to blogger. That should help.

  3. Oh now you tell me!thank you freaky! LOL. I”m so relieved that i’m figuring out this stuff. it was geting pretty durn frustrating.

  4. I say dont frustrate yourself with such a minute detail… I can decifer through the weird signs… all I need is more posts!!!! I have to say, I am really getting into this story – and 4 chapters a week are hardly enough.

  5. Hi Can you put out the whole book in LULU for downloading even if its going to be paid…. I can see that the book is available ( Paper copy) But would appreciate if i can get soft copy rather. So far the book is great!

  6. When Will you start posting again??????????????????? :(((((((( its been a long break

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