Author Interuption: 5 Things u didn’t know about me…

Today I was in one of my writing groups online ant this question was posed. I decided to share with you too:


when I was four i wanted to grow up to be a fire truck and when I was six i wanted to grow up and be a cow. My mother never disuaded me. She encouraged me to be whatever I wanted to.

i write better when I have a severe migraine

i was going to be a lawyer but the LSAT’s intimidated me.

i talk to myself out loud for no reason at all and then answer back like I’m talking to another person.

i really really hate scales since giving birth to my daughter five years ago. LOL.


Now I would like to know five things about my readers. Post in the comments.

Sylvia Hubbard



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2 thoughts on “Author Interuption: 5 Things u didn’t know about me…

  1. Sure, I’ll play along…1. I’m a middle child of six siblings (and I was lazy as all get out growing up).2. I’m the first of my siblings to get married and to go to college (obviously the laziness had dissipated by this time).3. I write inspiritional romance, but I read that and more…including some erotica (if it’s tastefully done).4. One of my children was homeschooled, the other sucessfully completed public school (I actually lost hair behind that homeschooled child – sheesh!).5. I married my high school sweetheart (it freaks me out at times to see gray hairs popping up in our heads…most times it’s just funny)

  2. Did you guys know….I’ve been trying to get my BA for the last 5 years. (Whew, that was tough to admit!) LOL.I’ve been trying to get out of a relationship with the father of my child since before she was born. (She’s 2 years old now… pray for me, yall!)I’m eating a chocolate chunk granola bar right now in my effort to stay thin. (Actually, I ate 3 of um…so much for my diet/fast)I’m a 22 year old resident of Chicago.And last, but definately not least, I’m really, really, really, really shy!!! ( Bet ya’ll didn’t see that one coming)

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