Tanner’s Devil : Author Interuption

First responses from yesterday and this morning:

Shai: It was pretty nicely cut but isn’t anything from Tiffany’s.

JDub: I know. I’m sad too. I liked these characters a lot.

Eva: No, there are no midgets I didn’t tell you about. you know I usually dont pop things on you. I may hide it, but not just cheat on the story like that. I get annoyed by that from writers.

Sky six (thanks for posting first) thank you for enjoying the story too.

Anon1: Please don’t hit the first man you see that looks like Donetello. They might just sue me for what little else my ex hasn’t made me pawn, LOL.

And for the others that have sent me emails offline, thank you so much for enjoying the story too. I’m loving it and i do wish I could post it faster.

Last night I rewrote a scene like three times and then I got up this morning and rewrote it some More. I’ve never done that but like I said before i don’t want to cheat you and I want to make sure it’s really true to life.

I know Devlin knows nothing about street life and he can’t just understand Tanner’s reasons for things she did so I can’t place him in the middle of the action because he’s a duke and dukes just don’t know how to handle a P.I.M.P. off the top of his head.

Which is why I did bring in Del. Now I did get a question regarding Del. If you don’t know who he is or have never met him, I first introduced him in Stealing Innocence: http://www.lulu.com/content/82604.

And yes he is Lethal Heart’s cousin.

I’m almost afraid to post the next chapter, but I should warn you you’re going to be upset with me for a second, but please if you know me, you know it just gets better and better.

Now that’s the only clue I’m revealing, but I’ll understand if you start yelling at me okay. Just use Ms. B when you decided to call me out my name.

(Preparing to pack and leave town so no one can hunt me down and kill me. LOL)

I’ll post in an hour.