Tanner’s Devil Part 41.1

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8 thoughts on “Tanner’s Devil Part 41.1

  1. Ok come on now. I know you didn’t kill off Tanner so who was it screaming. I’ve only been reading your books for a short time but I know you won’t kill us by leaving us in the dark for the rest of today. So please put us out of our misery and give us another chapter. PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

  2. I know you aren’t leaving us there until tommorrow…right???

  3. Oh my goodness. This is crazy. I am at work wishing I could get to the westside and confiscate the rest of the book. LOL.

  4. Wait guys you know she has those danm PPO’S on half of us so let’s ask nicely for Sylvia to please not leave us hanging and if that does not work let’s find some nice crack head give him 30 bucks and send him to get the rest of the book that way we stay out of jail and we can read with no more damn cliff hangers. Come on Sylvia see what you are doing to us ?Give us one more pleeeeeeeeease.I will give you my blackberry, I ain’t to proud to beg, when it comes to reading a good story.

  5. Sylvia,I been gone for a week, switching jobs, and this is how you bring me back into the fold?! I know it ain’t Tanner in the house, but who?I can’t wait for what comes next. Now, I hope Devlin gets his ass kicked (a lil) for being so drunk and mean to Tanner, but Donateelo’s gotta die. And a fight between him and Richard is just the thing to bring the family back together (hint, hint). Why am I tryin’ to write your book?Sing dammit

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