Tanner’s Devil 18.1


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Tanner’s Devil Part 18.1 (c) 2006 Sylvia Hubbard

7 thoughts on “Tanner’s Devil 18.1

  1. Sylva I am enjoying the story so far. I just wish that the episodes could be a little longer but I’m happy that you post several times a day and I don’t have to wait for the next episode next week. I would also like to know when the book Dark Facade will be coming out I see that two of your other books have made it to other publishers has this happened with Dark Facade also?signed,notob4ya@aol.com

  2. it should be three listed with Amazon.com or available to order through the system:dreams of realitystone’s revengemistaken identity.Dark Facade is next to come as a e-book first and then a paperback. I’m hoping to get the ebook up and running by the end of this month. we came to a halt because of technical problems but it should be worked out very very soon.praying and keeping my eyes closed tight.

  3. Hi SylviaI am truly enjoying Delvin and Tanner’s romance. I can’t wait for each post. Thank you, for sharing you talent and congratulation on getting a laptop.

  4. Sylvia, there are Laptop Fairies giving away goodies? I want one! LOL.I have cut back on my Tanner stuff. I print and save chapters and save them for a nice chunky treat. LOL. Plus I been busy working on entering poetry contests and picking poems for my poetry book.Girl, we are at chapter 18. LOL. Woo Hoo! So we half way there. I am so hooked like cane to a coke head. LOL.I cannot wait for the ending and you next piece.

  5. I noticed that since Tanner has married Devlin that her use of expletives have increased and that she is starting to sound more “ghetto” then she did in previous chapters. I guess you can take Tanner out of the ghetto of Detroit but you can’t take the ghetto or Detroit out of Tanner.Now if you want me to believe that Tanner is experiencing a major Pretty Woman momemt then can she experience this moment without her ghetto flashbacks please.

  6. Oh you guys are good. I was wondering when someone was going to pick up on that.But Tanner did state the same fact to Devlin and he didn’t care.Keep reading and things do start to happen.

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