Tanner’s Devil Part 5.1

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Sitting up in bed, Devlin immediately reached for the business card. It was going on mid-afternoon almost noon. He had gotten some sleep, but not restful.

He had fallen asleep thinking about her and now awake he still thought of her and wanted her again. Yet, he knew the consequences of it all. Now he could understand a lot of his brother’s stupid decisions when it came to the opposite sex and Devlin was almost glad he had waited so long to experience this.

Rolling over to lay on the pillow, he groaned smelling her scent and his shaft came to life as his brain began to replay experience he had thoroughly enjoyed. He wish he could have become more comfortable with her, but he knew if he told her this she would have known and he felt since he had gone through all this, he really had not wanted her to know it was his first time.

Burying his face in the covers to relish the pleasant odor she had left on his sheets, all he could do was imagine her touching him and her mouth… He groaned. He wanted more of her.
Again he sat up in bed bothered by this thought.

Was he really telling himself that he wanted a prostitute again? And not just any prostitute – this one. This Tanner. Why? He could probably pay any respectable woman any amount to keep quiet, but she had…

She had done something he had not expected. When she had put her hand down there and instructed him on how to please her, Devlin fears of pleasing her had immediately been laid to rest and he could not have asked for a better teacher. His decision to lose his virginity to her had been questionable until that point and he had shared more than his body with her. They had shared an understanding of what pleased her – and it had been him.

Dialing the number, he knew he was probably the worst decision he could make, but what the hell.

“Holla,” the familiar voice Devlin had spoken to last night answered. The pimp’s voice was much quieter as if he were trying very hard to keep the conversation on the down low. There was no sound in the background to even indicate that there might be someone around to listen to his conversation and to Devlin this man certainly didn’t seem to care that others knew he was a pimp.

“This is a repeat customer from last night. Do you remember me?”

“The green? Damn! Calling back so soon?” He sounded impressed and amused.

Devlin tried not to show his irritation at being called green. It had been his first time in his whole life calling to request “service,” and his words had not come out the way he wanted them to. “Since I’m not so green anymore, how about we drop the moniker. And if I am a repeat, does that mean five grand will still apply for fast and clean?”

“You sound like a businessman. A very smart businessman, so of course repeaters need not pay that much,” he chuckled as if the joke was on Devlin. “But fast and clean always cost. So what do you have a taste for now?”

“What if I want a re-request from last night?”

There was an uncomfortable silence. “The same girl?”

“Yeah, is that going to be a problem?”

“Man, I can send you an even better-“

“No!” Devlin said obstinately. “I want the same one.”

The uneasiness returned and there seemed to be some moving going around as if the man was trying to get away from where he was. “Okay, here’s the deal. I was so high last night I really don’t remember what girl I sent, Green. I know she was clean cause that’s all I deal in, but-“

Devlin figured this pimp was just trying to squeeze more money out of him and became impatient. So he described the woman in a crisp harsh tone. “Light coffee skin, five three, thick with a small waist, young looking, but mature woman. Brown corn-rolled hair with dark blonde streaks.”

“Did she give you a name?” the pimp asked as if trying to remember.

“No, but her boy called her Tanner.”

This silence was long and eerie and Devlin thought the call had dropped until he heard the pimp speak in a very vicious tone, “Fuck!”

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  1. Oooo…Tanner’s gonna get it now. LOL. Sylvia, you and that out-of-control mind of yours tickle me sometimes.I’m gonna try to follow this story as much as I can, but once you fill that order I sent you, I may be otherwise occupied for a while…you understand. smile

  2. I love keep going ..after reading the post this weekend I went back and read one of my fav “Stones Revenge”.

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