Tanner’s Devil Part 5.2

Tanner awake suddenly hearing cursing outside her door. Realizing she was alone, she quickly jumped out of the bed and grabbed the money out of her coat and hid it behind her dresser.

Going over to the door, she pressed her ear against it to listen to Donetello speak on the phone.

“Um… that’s a hard one to find. She’s one of my best… How much? Depends on how long
you want her this time. Usually she goes by the hour…a thousand. With a minimum of two in advance.”

She wondered when did Donetello’s prices go up so high?

A disgusted growl came from Donetello. “I’ll see what I can do. Call me back in a couple of hours.”

Tanner jumped back in bed, found the roll of money he had given her, and then pretended to be sleep, but with one of her eyelids partially cracked to see what he would do.

Donetello entered as if he were trying to catch her doing something and came over to the bed staring at her for a long while. He was pissed off – past angry, but he wasn’t doing anything to her. When he thought she was asleep, he turned away to look around the room. He checked her coat pockets, her drawers and even the boxes in the closet, but he found nothing of what he was looking for.

What did he know? Tanner couldn’t face him when he was like this because she didn’t want to make the mistake of letting him know too much.

Yet, Tanner knew Donetello too well and knew if he were past pissed at her, his anger wouldn’t come out right away. Dontello was a bastard that loved to let shit simmer, plot and plan until he could find a way to get what he needed out a person then crush them.

When his search was unsuccessful, he moved like a lynx on the bed as if hunting his prey and lightly caressed her face in an attempt to arouse her from sleep. His touch was spurious to
his tone of voice. “Tanner,” he said sternly.

Pretending to just wake up, she smiled seductively at him as if it were an honor to open
her eyes to his face. The anger in his dark chocolate eyes immediately melted away and in its place a man who was consumed and in love with her.

“Want me to drop you off at school? I could help you persuade them,” he offered.

‘Was this an attempt to see how much she really had to pay off? Did he know? Did Jamroque tell?’ her mind screamed, but she didn’t show an inch of her exasperation on her face.
Instead, she exhausted sleep and caused a distraction to think, by stretching. “No, sweetie. I better go alone. I’ll have Pari drop me off in her car. Remember, I’ll be legit soon.” She stole a kiss because that frown was coming back to his brow and she needed to distract him. “You’re so awesome in power, you’ll have them peeing on themselves.”

‘Yeah, bitch!’ she told him in her head. ‘You trained me well and I know I have your ass wrapped around my damn finger, but I know you got some shit on me, Donetello.’

Still being her sweet and innocent self, she said in a hopeful tone as if she was very doubtful about the matter without him, “I think I can handle it.”

There was this distrustful glare in his eyes, but she pretended she didn’t see it and kissed him again briefly. “Maybe afterwards, I’ll call you and we can finish what we started.”

He most definitely like that idea and pulled her against his body, so she could feel his hardness to show her just how much he liked that idea and then his mouth came down to kiss hers.

Yet, the excitement his mouth use to offer was not there anymore. Nor the fireworks she felt in the pit of her stomach knowing he wanted her that much. Matter of fact, her subconscious had gotten on this boat and was actually telling her how Devlin was much more bigger.

Tanner wanted to cry, but instead she whimpered as she reluctantly responded to the overly long kiss with her eyes open looking at him.

‘I wish this kiss could read your mind,’ she said to herself.

Dontello’s eyes were closed. He was a man caught between a rock and a hard place.

Trying to act reluctant, Tanner pushed away breathlessly, with a promise look of more. “Tonight about nine, we’ll make it all right, Donnie. I promise.”

He looked relieved and got off the bed. Taking out five hundred dollars, he laid that on the bed where he had been. “Spend that on yourself, baby. Make yourself real pretty for me tonight.”

“Yes, Donnie,” Tanner gnawed at her inner lip not, trying not to feel guilty.

“I’ll call you bout nine or nine thirty.” Turning to leave, he abruptly stopped and turned back to her. “Oh Tanner, one more thing.”

Her heart pounded in trepidation. ‘Just when you thought you had gotten away with some shit! Get ready. Donetello’s no fool. He’s just one rotten snake waiting in the grass ready to strike.’

Tanner’s Devil Part 5.2 (c) 2006 Sylvia Hubbard