Dark Facade – Author Interuption

Okay, I’m going to post one more, but THAT’S IT! (no more death threats – and that goes for family members too, LOL.)

Sorry I’ve been out of it this week, but like i said I’ve been concentrating on finishing up the book (which is going very well) and then I have my November writers conference.

I should let you know for all the Metro Detroiters, in September I’ll be at the following locations signing books for Stone’s Revenge and Stealing Innocence

Stones Revenge Booksigning – September 18th – Southfield Public Library

Stealing Innocence Booksigning – September 22nd – Barnes and Noble Downtown Detroit

Those that show up and get a book, I’ll take two dollars off the cover price off on any book they buy off my website when they email me the secret pass word I’ll give them with paypal.com.

I’m going to the selfpublishing conference today at the Marriott in Southfield. I’ll be there tomorrow. I’ll be there signing books and doing an Internet Marketing Workshop. (I’ll make sure I mention all of you in my blog discussion, LOL).

I’ll post Tuesday Morning before 10am and then that’s it! Chapter 19 was really hard for me cause it took a lot to hurt Maxine cause i liked her a lot.