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ScorpionPetting-LianaBrooks-v2-600Yeah, we know it’s a lot of them.

Yet, reviews help me help you.

I know you’re asking, “well how does it help me? I’m just a reader.”

Yet, you leave a lot of complaints on when I’m coming with the next book or can’t I write faster.

More reviews help me sell more books and more books mean more money which then I can relax about the bills and providing for the kids.

reviewpleaseRelaxing means I can think more of things I like… like stories. Lots of stories and fun characters and then…

I write. I have more time so I don’t have to work as hard, because you helped me sell books to pay those bills.

So in return, you get more books to read.


Easy peasy, right?

GoodReads | SMASHWORDS (ebook)| AMAZON (Paperback & Kindle) | B&N/Nook| Kobo Reader| Sony Reader | iTunes Apple Bookstore

Also there’s a lot of statistics involved in the whole scheme of things but in short this is how some of it works. See below:


And not just on Amazon, but on Google, B&N, iTunes and other sites as well. I mean I work like a dog trying to get my name out there on people’s lips, but nothing beats a referral. Your lips and hands are more powerful than you know.

GoodReads | SMASHWORDS (ebook)| AMAZON (Paperback & Kindle) | B&N/Nook| Kobo Reader| Sony Reader | iTunes Apple Bookstore

So, there are over thirty books I’ve written? Have you written a review for all of them? And if you’ve shared the book with someone, have you asked if they’ve written a review.

And those that have downloaded my work illegally; You know who you are.

Yeah you. I know you really wanted to support me, so now here’s your chance.

GoodReads | SMASHWORDS (ebook)| AMAZON (Paperback & Kindle) | B&N/Nook| Kobo Reader| Sony Reader | iTunes Apple Bookstore

Other than reviews there are other ways to help your author (ME).


Thank you in advance for your help and all you’re doing to help me, encourage me and support my literary endeavors.

Here are more ways for the road to see how you can help myself and other authors out as well.


PS You always have my permission to share this with others.

Being devious…. Out of the box #plotting. #amwriting #ravenous

I didn’t understand deviousness until I graduated from high school and went out into the real world.

That’s a pretty weird statement coming from me seeing that I grew up around 3 sisters who all had read the Art of War and used it in and around the household with each other in order to win the war without physically fighting.

I also didn’t learn what mindrape was until I went to college. It’s basically being bullied mentally until you go insane because you really don’t know what’s happening to you.

Even though both experiences in my life were horrific once the discovery of what they were came to light, I have to say I’m glad I learned them in the early ages and on top of that I then learned how to do them.

I’m always like that. When something bad happens to me, I learn from it, not just suffer from it, otherwise what’s the fun.

There in lies plot though.

Being devious to the reader is hard. They can see everything. Once you master deviousness to the reader, you’ve mastered plot. Being able to hide something in plain sight is a skill, in writing and in life.

I learned how through life.

I watch and wait and see people openly deceive and hide who they are to people every day. The lies they tell, the backstabbing they do, the manipulation they achieve. I find it fascinating.

And now as I’m writing Ravenous, I had put all cards on the table and the reader knew everything.


So how could I deceive them? By putting things in plain sight.

I already mentions two things. Now all I have to do is combine them and walah! ( if that’s even a word) you have deceit!

I’m excited now and want to dive into the story so I can see what the readers think.

Haven’t started reading yet?

Join us here at Wattpad:


3 Ways I Stay Creative… #wip #amwriting @problogger challenge #firestory


Getting-gack-on-the-horseRecovering after a personal tragedy has been really hard for me. I know the fire happened three years ago but just getting back to being creative and fancy free is not easy.

To me, being creative is like having a unicorn in my backyard and when I want, I can climb on him and just let him run over rainbows, hop on clouds and sprout wings and fly through the universe. All I have to do is hold his mane and enjoy the ride.

That’s how my creative looks.

And I write this post not just for me as I go through getting through my own personal tragedies. I write this to every creative who has gone through something that knocked them off their horse and they’re finding it hard to get back on.

People say you can just get back in the saddle and just start back over.

But when reality hits, when you know the things in life can be taken away from you, including life, it’s hard tyring to see the unicorn in the backyard and sometimes you see him, but just don’t want to go out there and ride him. Sometimes when you’re riding him, you can’t just let reality go.

It’s not that I fell out of love of my creativity, it’s just that I know I’ve changed and I have to learn to fall in love with him again.

He still loves me. He still looks up when I peak out the window and he does he show and pony dance enticing me to come on out and play and when I’m with him, he takes me away to the most glorious places.

So for this post, I am helping myself on ways I currently stay creative and I hope to insiprie those who are going through what I’m going through.

1. Keep writing instruments all over the place wherever I go.

I have a Chromebook (Samsung, of course). It’s small, lightweight and I can use it to just type away on my Google Drive (another writer essential) all day long. This way I have no excuse to write what I need to write. I also have a Boogie Board. Everyone says handwriting is going out of style, but for me, it’s not. I love the purity of pen to paper and my Boogie Board gives me that and guess what? When I’m done with the sheet, I can either load it to Evernote or Google Drive. My Samsung Phone 5 is my life. I have my Boogie Board synced to it along with apps like Evernote and Google Drive added on there. I can use the handwriting tool, audio tool and keyboard, plus I can attach a bluetooth keyboard to my phone and keep it going. I never give my excuse to not write. BTW, the bluetooth keyboard can also attach to my Amazon Kindle as well. (See more notes below for more

2. Research

That’s been my saving grace. Just researching things I’m supposed to be working on has kept me really motivated in getting the job done and wanting to get on my creative horse. Whether it’s just about a simple eye color or a complicated medical procedure then I do my best to keep researching past stories I need to finish and future stories that are in my head.

3. Reading.

Stephen King was right. A writer cannot be without reading. Not just about my research, but other writers. Not only for enjoyment, but for teaching purposes. I think you can go to every college in every land, but nothing beats knowing how to do something than reading something that has been done very right or very wrong.

I find free reads on my Amazon Kindle all day long and I actually do try to read them. If they are good enough, I’ll actually read to the end and leave a review. If they are bad, I delete them and try another author. I’m a reader that must be impressed by the first two chapters or I’m gone. I try to make my stories that way as well and I write what I love in stories.


Spend one hour of my day writing about anything. Mostly about my current WIP‘s. (Ravenous & Beautiful). Other times I try to blog (another horse I need to get on. That one sa lot darker and bigger, but as you can see I’m trying.

I’d love to hear how other’s keep their creative juices flowing. If you’re an author or writer, please let me know.


Note: For the Boogie Board mentioned above, make sure you get the one with Bluetooth. For the Amazon Kindle, I get the HDX 7, because it’s pretty cool to use with other things and also it reads to me for any drive longer than ten minutes.


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