Divorce Mother takes her lessons of love and turns it around for others.

Divorce Mother takes her lessons of love and turns it around for others.

How do you love a black woman?

(Detroit, Michigan) Blogger and Author of How to Love A Black Woman answers that question simply. “By loving yourself before allowing love in your life.”

After a separation and divorce, Author and Romance Consultant, Sylvia Hubbard, felt she must heal from the emotional pain and failure that she felt before even trying to find someone else. Her fear of becoming one of those angry black women scared her because she had been one before and she had been miserable.

Writing had always been a passion and addiction of hers and it brought her great relief when she wrote fiction because she was a suspense romance already. Sylvia decided to use her gift to relieve the stress in her heart over leaving her marriage in order to be happy and re-learn how to love herself again in order to let love back in her life without being afraid of getting hurt.

In order to “find herself” and begin the loving process, she started a blog called, How To Love A Black Woman, more for a guide book for herself and when friends and family began to come and comment, it was enjoyable to hear that she was not alone in her feelings of issues in relationships and problems that arise between people that simple communications could have worked out. Through her healing process, she found great relationship books and did reviews on those aS well.

Soon men started emailing her offline and asking for a “female opinion” on their problems and on different things women do. Instead of answering them privately, she answered them on the blog and offline she started giving couples advice on creative intimacy and romantic ideas.

Today, How to Love A Black Woman blog has become what she wanted it to become – A guidebook on what it takes to love her and then she has friends join in giving their take and posting their prose, as well. The main site came be viewed at http://www.loveablackwoman.com or go straight to the blog at: http://loveablackwoman.blogspot.com.

“I wanted to create a way for people to talk about what we don’t talk about – communication and intimacy. These are important to me and it should be important to many people especially in the African American Community, that refuses to acknowledge that this is an important part of a relationship,” Sylvia says.

Her most popular series: 7 Days To Get Over Him took readers on an emotional journey of heartbreak and healing, helping people all over the world to understand how to live after a long term relationship break up.

Along with addressing the lack of intimacy in her life, Sylvia also gives single parents tips on finding peace and reaching goals in areas of their life. “Being a single mother gives me heads on knowledge of mental stability. This is a subject rarely addressed in society. We [single parents] are given hand outs, not hand ups.”

“We enjoy [Sylvia’s] blog,” founder of Sisterlicious Website states enthusiastically.

Whether someone does find her to marry, Sylvia knows that in order to love her and love who she is, they are going to have to read her blog and she hopes that a deeper understanding of the complex woman comes to them and they can love her even more.

“Along with helping me,” Sylvia Hubbard adds, “How to Love A Black Woman, is really a place for healing, intimacy advice and discussion for any woman or man no matter what color you are.”

LoveABlackWoman.com has complied archives of previously years work in one volume called: How To Love A Black Woman. This e-book is not available to download at this time.

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