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This is the Atlanta Journal who quoted my review about Steve Harvey\’s book.


Author, Daliah Rose conducted an interview:


Good News Television has me on a video interview:

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Book Bridge: From Authors To Readers and Sylvia Hubbard

Book World News with guest Sylvia Hubbard

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I spoke at the Mount Clemens conference first week of Feb 2010, and I found this blog post about my workshop. I was quite surprise:

At-Wysher – A different kind of writers’ conference
By vernied
Another speaker, urban romance writer Sylvia Hubbard, had a lot to share about marketing one’s book online and e-publishing. A single mom, she was a dynamo of enthusiastic information about blog-tours, sites that sell e-books,
At-Wysher – http://vernied.livejournal.com/4759.html

RawSistaz.com also featured Sylvia Hubbard on March 23, 2010 about:

Using Blogs, eBooks, and Online Social Networking to get THE WORD Out


The AALBC has a “Sylvia Hubbard” page.  Honored! Thanks Troy Johnson!


Live from Detroit: Davey D at the Allied Media Conference, Part II

One of the most interesting panels I came across during the 2010 Allied Media Conference in Detroit was called “Electronic Books: Creating Your Own and Preparing for a Paperless Society.” This discussion was put together by Detroit author Sylvia Hubbard of the Motown Writers Network and the AA Electronic Literary Network.

I hadn’t intended to go to her session but was strongly encouraged to do so. I’m so glad I did. Hubbard’s described the low barrier to entry into the e-book world and the fact that you can actually make money if you can attract a decent following. A lot of people might think that e-books are limited to established authors with book deals in place and publishers looking to expand into new markets. It was eye-opening to discover this isn’t the case — just like with music, you can do amazing things yourself.

READ MORE: http://futureofmusic.org/blog/2010/06/21/live-detroit-davey-d-allied-media-conference-part-ii