The 2nd chapter in the next book📚 is done!✍🏾 #DesiresTryst is on its way to #KindleVella! With love, deceit, throuples, revenge, friendship, and HEA❤️#syllit #writerslife

Chapter Update: 08/14/2023

Chapter 2 has been updated

In Kindle Vella and a Premium member link.

We’re still waiting for the Kindle Vella Link and Author notes to be released with that version, but the Premium member link version will have questions and challenges which I hope you all partake in. But we did get the image from them. (Derek looks so handsome)

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About the book:

Derek seeks revenge on ex-friend Maddox Ryan for a deadly fire he thinks killed his fiance, Adira. He sabotages Maddox Ryan’s philanthropy firm but discovers his former friend’s innocence. As the sabotage continues, everyone outside of their throuple becomes prime suspects. A tale of betrayal, revenge, and the complex bonds of friendship with second chances.

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Here we go… on to chapter 2 (or in Kindle Vella land – episode 2)

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