Small wins recognized as I get a two crown day! #kindlevella #writerslife #syllit |

It snowed today at the time of writing on 4/18/2022 in Detroit.

It was an editing day and I stayed offline because I have three days to get this book up and ready.

So I was shocked and amazed when I finally went online an saw two crowns on my vella stories.

If you don’t know, a crown is when someone likes your story and gives you FAVES. My readers have been die hard wonderful with my current WiP – Her Substitute Husband: His Boss, but She Works Hard for the Money has been lying pretty dormant until TODAY.

This really brightened my day and I appreciate the love out there!

Thank you for supporting my literary endeavors.

If you haven’t checked them out, go to

Or if you can’t (cause I know I have international readers) She Works Hard for the Money will be released in May2022. Pre-order your copy today because the price will go up after release day! (You can read the first three chapters for free if you can access the Kindle Vella)

Update on 4/24 we’re going on Day 9 of double crowns for both Amazon Kindle Vella books along with Her Substitute Husband… His Boss is top fave in Interracial books.

Thank you all for the wonderful love. Now what was your small literary win today for a reader or a writer?

update as of 4 /26 at 12:28 am / Thank you #SneakReaders

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  1. Hi, I’m enjoying both of your live books on Amazon. Chapter 101 and 102 seem to be duplicates in Her substitute Husband: his boss

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