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Best way to get over a broken heart 💔 is to get with a broken man… Beck’s Coming next week! 📚#SheWorksHardForTheMoney #coverreveal ✍🏾💜

They’ve announced Amazon Vella will be available Monday! I’m so excited!

I want to be prepared for excitement or disappointment.

As a reader, what to expect:

Kindle Vella – Reader Experience

Kindle Vella is a way to share serialized stories with readers over an extended period – one episode at a time. After we open Kindle Vella to readers, they’ll be able to:

To understand more of the reader’s experience please go here:

I’m so excited because my newest literary endeavor will be release on Amazon Vella next week (hopefully Monday).

I found it on the site at ASIN: B0936JXMQ4

I was able to connect it to my Amazon account, but I haven’t seen it updated there yet.

Any other authors participating and are there any other readers interested in reading this way?

Click on the link about to be notified when my book will be released or follow me on Amazon at my author’s page. (click link below to get to that page also)

I’m going to be watching like a hawk all weekend and you can subscribe here for updates. As soon as I know, you’ll know

You can also follow me on Amazon

I can’t wait for you to read Beck!!

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