New Series for 2021: Woods Brothers Series #wip (Out of the Woods and To The Max, plus one more)

I’ve been working on everything except what I’m supposed to but so many things needs updating and posting to this blog (other than the current live story) that I’ve been getting questions about.

Three brothers grew up living off the land. When their mother dies, they discover how their father made his fortune and with the family about to lose the land, they must make a choice to go back into the family business or lose everything their parents have built.  Brothers Maximum, Nixon and Maddox have a choice to make, but either way they are going to have to give all or nothing.

Technical details:

Interracial. Family Drama. Deceit. Revenge. … the usual.

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Woods Brother Series

Book One: Out of the Woods

outofthewoods.jpgMaddox Woods knew as the youngest he would have to be the one to save his family’s property. Kidnap the daughter of a wealthy mogul, wait for the payoff and then make sure her body is never found, but there is a twist. The client specifies Maddox needs to break her heart.

Maddox had never fallen in love and he certainly didn’t know how to break a woman’s, heart.

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Book Two: Nick of time (Nixon)



Book Three: To The Max

Being the only brother not married, Maximum decides he’s going to mail order a bride. The process should be simple, but the trouble that follows will turn the brother’s lives upside down and Maximum’s heart inside out.

It was the perfect plan when she found out Maximum Woods had an online dating profile. Her plan is to seduce her ex-husband’s enemy for perfect revenge.

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  1. Awesome I am a super fan! I started re-reading your books. In need city boys and he touched me to finish and a laundry list of stuff. I can’t wait

    1. aww. thanks. i’m trying to catch up on all the books, especially the cytee boys becasue they have al ot to do with the upcoming War between the hearts. pray for me and keep sharing with other readers to grab up as many books as they can and read all of them! lol. xoxo

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