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You’re going to hear some things in this chapter that will do one or two things

  1. confuse you
  2. connect some dots

Eventually the secret had to come out and more details about what broke up the Hearts would come to the surface, especially as I try to get King to Detroit for his debut novel Heart’s Paradise.

Also in this chapter, I touch on Richard, the bad brother of Duke Devlin Sanchez. Remember him?

Yeah, Magnum knows him.

Also if you read Black’s Innocence, you should also know that Dylan and his back story.

I didn’t release this part of the story right away because it had so much stuff in it.

Thanks for your patience.



He Touched Me – Chapter Twelve


It was as if Tyler was expecting him to barge into this office because as soon as Magnum bumped open the doors from the private entrance, Tyler announced, “Speak of the devil.”

Dylan Knight, Magnum’s cousin and Tyler’s somewhat law partner, sat in front of Tyler’s desk, looking a bit disgruntled.

Dylan was about six feet with a thick build, but Magnum was older and known not to be fucked around. 

Magnum glared at Dylan hard until Dylan stood up, nodded his farewell, and hurriedly left.

“Well, that’s no way to greet family,” Tyler said, amused not getting up from his desk to greet Magnum. 

“That side of the family hasn’t been right since that accident,” Magnum grumbled.

“He’s trying, and you haven’t been right in forever,” Tyler snapped.

Magnum slammed the doctor’s results on Tyler’s desk. “You’re making this too fucking easy, Tyler Black. What the fuck do you have up your sleeve?”

Tyler opened the envelope and looked at the results. “You should be happy. You’ve never had it easy. She’s clean, and he even tossed in his opinion about her. Look, he believes she’s mentally capable of handling the situation.” He deeply frowned for a moment going quickly over the doctor’s notes.

“And she hasn’t called it off? Not once to you? Aren’t you twisting her arm? Blackmailing her?” he demanded to know.

“No, Magnum. She’s in a situation. She needs some downtime. Whatever you did to her convinced her to spend that downtime with you. Maybe your fingers shouldn’t be so damn magical.” Tyler was looking serious as a heart attack, but there was a lot of meaning behind his words.

“This is payback for what I did to your sister.” Magnum declared. “I’m going to get over there to some hyena laughing pixie dust spoiled rich brat that’s going to drive me insane for four months.”

Tyler chuckled. “Now that’d be payback. I think I got a couple of those in my client list I just passed off to your cousin. I could arrange for that if you so desire, Magnum.”

Slamming his fist in the middle of Tyler’s desk, making even the large picture windows behind the desk vibrate, Magnum bellowed, “Dammit Tyler, quit fucking around with my head.”

Tyler looked down at Magnum’s fist and then slowly looked up at him. “You’re doing so much better without my help, Mag. I hate to tell you this, but you have nothing to worry about on my end. I haven’t signed your time over to some crazy woman. I was just as shocked Ms. Carter went ahead with the contract with you and it takes a great deal to bowl me over.” Sitting back in his chair, not the least bit afraid of Magnum, Tyler asked, “Now tell me what is it that has you worried.”

Sheepishly, Magnum looked away from Tyler and started to pace. “I didn’t think it’d get this far. I thought she’d take one look at that contract and run the fuck away or that the doctor would find one little thing that would make me run away.”

“There are a couple of things in there that would alarm me,” Tyler noted.

Magnum waved that away. “Shit happens.”

“So now that nothing’s standing in your way, what’s the problem? This is what you wanted. You demanded her – Demanded.”

Magnum couldn’t form the words with his mouth and was desperate for a drink. His thoughts were going a million miles an hour.

Getting up from his seat, Tyler moved over to the bar and fixed a vodka on ice. Coming up to Magnum, he said, “Take a sip so you can get your thoughts together.”

“I can’t,” Magnum snarled. 

“Take a drink.”

“No, fuck her.”

Tyler smirked knowingly. “Are you physically incapable of having sex, Magnum? There are pills for that. I’ve heard the blue ones work well if you don’t have a heart condition.”

Magnum threw the vodka down his throat and shoved the glass back at Tyler. “I am physically fine. You sound like that smart ass doctor I wanted to punch his smart ass lights out.”

“Chance probably deserves his lights punched out, but I don’t think it’s because he said the same thing I said. You’ve presented a problem, Magnum, but I don’t understand what the fuck you mean.” Tyler was becoming annoyed, setting the glass at the bar, and facing Magnum with annoyance. “My time is money, and I’m about to start charging you for wasting my time.” 

“I want to cancel everything. I don’t want to do this.”

“Oh, you’re doing this,” Tyler decreed. “I just fucking finalized every fucking thing after being up for the last twenty-four hours. I’m a damn genius, and your scardy pussy ass will not fuck this up for me.”

“She agreed? She read the contract word for word, Tyler?” he questioned again in disbelief.

“Ms. Carter is on board. The alternative would jeopardize her life. She’s waiting for further instructions.”

“I can’t fuck her, Tyler,” Magnum reiterated.

“Then dont. Feel her up for the next fucking four months.” Tyler moved back to sit at his desk, nonchalantly. “I don’t care, but you’ve indebted yourself to King Heart, and your ass is doing his work. I got your contract signed sealed and already delivered.”

“I didn’t say I was backing out of that shit with King Heart, but I can’t fuck her, and she’s expecting to be fucked. If she read the contract and all that shit I put in it, she’s expecting that.”

“You put that shit in there to make her refuse?” Tyler questioned.

“Half that shit I never heard of,” he confessed, starting to pace running his hands over his short cut hair to the back of his neck. “Copied that shit from the Internet, and then I texted Richard Sanchez for some ideas.”

Tyler sucked his teeth. “You shouldn’t have asked that count freak.”

Magnum smiled. “That’s why I did it because I knew he’d give me some weird shit.  I thought she’d back out once I sent Richard’s weird-ass instructions, and all I’d have to do is pay her expenses for four months.”

Tyler sat back in his seat and put his feet up on the desk as if he was taking a short vacation. “Women don’t always need to be fucked, Magnum. Don’t you know that?”

“Mistresses do.”

“You’re stupid as shit when it comes to women, aren’t you?” Tyler declared. “Clueless as fuck.”

Magnum looked down at the ground to avoid Tyler seeing the truth in his eyes.

“Oh shit, you’re seriously clueless when it comes to women? What the fuck?!” Tyler cackled in shock. “I thought you passed out drunk with my sister because you’re an ass. You passed out because you didn’t want to perform!” Slamming his fist on the thick oak desk, Tyler hooted in raucous laughter.

“Shut the fuck up!” Magnum growled. 

“You gotta kid, don’t you? That’s what King said.”

Magnum narrowed his eyes at the bitter reminder. “I don’t have a kid… anymore. It died. Did he tell you that? His sister made sure of that.”

Tyler pursed his lips as if he tasted something bitter. “He didn’t tell me that part, but I figured if you had a kid, you know a little about women.”

“I was sixteen when I got her pregnant, Tyler. And all the other stuff… after all the surgeries… “He stopped talking. His personal sex life wasn’t something he wanted to speak to Tyler Black about, and even thinking about that part of his life was exhausting, but this woman had brought something out in him he hadn’t felt in a long time. Lust was powerful for her, and he wanted her, but the fear in his soul wouldn’t shake.

“What the hell did you think you were getting yourself into Magnum?” Tyler demanded to know,

“I don’t fucking know. I wasn’t thinking about the future; I just wanted her. I didn’t know it’d be so easy.”

“Well, then you better figure out what to do with her.” Tyler wrote something down on a piece of paper. “She’s expecting you tonight. Here are two things you can do. I’m not giving you instructions. You’re going to have to figure them out yourself. And do not ask Richard for any more advice. He’s fucking liable to sleep with your girl as he did to his brother.”

Magnum took the offered paper and looked at the suggestions. “What’s cu-“

Tyler cut him off. “I said I wasn’t explaining. Better go to school, idiot. I can’t believe you can’t do this with all the damn things you can do to a computer.” He looked at his watch. “You got four hours. You better get to learning.”

Knowing he was dismissed, Magnum went to the private elevator and down to the lobby to get a taxi to the hotel. He was feeling anxious all over, and he didn’t want to drink. Funny, he could drink no matter what, but today he didn’t have the urge. Was it her? What the hell was in that vodka Tyler had given him? 

Magnum decided to sit at the bar and do whatever research he needed. 

The bartender came to him. “What will you have?”

“Water” came out of his mouth. 

Before he could assess what he had said, his cell phone rang, it was the doctor. 

Was luck on his side?



He Touched Me Chapter Twelve (c) 2020 Sylvia Hubbard @ The Literary World of Sylvia Hubbard.

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  1. It is nice to get to know a little more about Magnum. He don’t seem like a bad guy but his demons got him struggling.

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