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Writing through grief is hard

It helps though.

Listening to my characters in my head keeps me from thinking of being sad.

But sometimes I can’t hear them because I’m stuck… from a memory of good times and laughter.


Monday, I bury my bff.

I say goodbye.

No giggling, no reality checks and no one to call me Sylvie.

I don’t like nicknames but I didn’t mind her calling that name.

Double Sigh…

Thanks guys for your patience.

Honestly, I had this chapter ready Monday, but it was difficult to pick up my laptop because it’ll go on Facebook and a lot of people were still saying goodbye to her. I couldn’t read the messages.

I didn’t want to.

But sometimes they’d show photos of me and her at events we’d go together to. I’d be tagged. Or they’d fondly remember a memory and tag me in that memory of her.

I don’t want to be tagged.

I just want to close my eyes and pretend I’m floating on a cloud and she’s there floating next to me. We’re not saying anything but we’re both wishing good fortunes for us.

We were going to go on long road trips together. Do a lot of driving when we retired.

We can’t do that now.

She can’t do that now.


I’m thinking of doing a live in my Facebook group. Join if you guys wanna talk to me. I’m thinking like next Sunday. About noon EST.

Get your questions together.

We’ll be at a good part by then.

I know that because i’m in twelve offline and it’s getting sticky.

Guess who just figured out a mystery in the Heart family. I did. Matter of fact, it wandered in and sat on my couch.

in my head.

y’all gonna flip.

don’t hurt me.


He Touched Me – Chapter Ten

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8 thoughts on “#HeTouchedMe – Chapter Ten #amwriting #amreading #sylLit

  1. Lust makes men make crazy decisions, it does for females too. Zuri is all ready to get her freak on with Magnum before she signs the agreement. I’m nervous and excited to find out what is going to happen when the agreement starts. I wonder if he is going to have her meet him in public places to feel her up?

    1. Teresa, you’re definitely keeping me on my feet. yes, they do. and for the first time in a long time magnum is scarily attracted to a female and it’s overwhelming his decisions
      i like him.

  2. Great read….I can’t wait to see what happens within those four months.
    I want to send my condolences for your lost these pass few months. Losing someone you love and who love you is the hardest moments in life.

    1. OMG Pru, thank you and I’m breathing. that’s really all I can say. trying to hold what little sanity i have together and just going with day to day trying to stay up… not really positive, just up.
      Getting back into Magnum’s head helps. A lot. So continue your prayers just for a little more sunshine to come my way.

  3. First and foremost I would like to send my condolences. This was a good chapter, nicely developed. I can’t wait to see what truthfully happens between Zuri and Magnus.

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