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It’s Monday and I’m posting. Not in the early morning which is my usual time, but it’s still Monday. Give me some boon, okay.

My question to the readers, if you found out the reality you were born into was not what it should of been, would you be mad at your parents for having you believe the lies they created once you were grown?

What would you do to move forward? Find out the truth or keep living your life?

I’d really love your intake.

Now to the nitty gritty of this part. If you read Black’s Innocence, you briefly met Luke. Readers of the book can give other readers who Luke’s brother is.

I think I like Luke. Might do an off shoot story.

Also to help you keep up to what’s to come, I’d highly recommend Sin’s Iniquity. If one more person tells me I just repeated the first word again then don’t. LOL

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I’m just warning you, Dwight Bowman is coming in the picture.

And… Lethal is coming. I’m sorry.

As always, tell me what you think of this post? Be Safe!



He Touched Me – Chapter Eight

“I’m Luke. Mr. Black hired me to take you to his private suite,” the driver said, extending a thick, strong hand and smiling like he just came in from a long hard day on the range.

Luke did not look like a driver. He looked like a bouncer or a huge cowboy that wrestled bulls in his spare time. Maybe a former quarterback with a bum knee, although this sexual chocolate man didn’t look like there was nothing physically wrong with him.

He stood about six-two with the whitest teeth and the widest smile under a bushy dark brown mustache and beard. Instead of the cowboy hat that should be on his head, he wore a blue baseball cap with an old English D. It was hard to know what his age was because the beard game was strong, but the dark hairs made the light brown sugar eyes pop coveted by naturally long lashes. 

While she was checking out from the resale store, Zuri had a moment to check him out as he leaned against the resale shop door. She was only suspicious because she had been chased hours ago and was suspicious of any guys just staring at her, which Luke had been doing.

Yet, his build was too powerful to come close to either one of the guys that had been after her. When he approached her as she was leaving, she didn’t feel fear, just wariness.

Zuri only smirked skeptically but didn’t speak because she was impressed at Tyler’s efficiency.

“Can I take your bags?” Luke offered.

Zuri handed him the resale store bags and not her backpack. Everything she owned was in there, and she didn’t want to have it away from her side at any point.

Luke put her bags in the trunk and then opened the passenger door to a black Lincoln Aviator. “Your chariot awaits, ma’am.”

“Zuri,” she corrected him. “You can call me Zuri.”

He smiled again brightly and patiently waited for her to get in the car.

As they drove, she asked, “You’re Mr. Black’s driver?”

“Ah no, that’s my brother. Sometimes Mr. Black needs a guest driver and security, so he calls on me. We run a small moving and transportation service. Mr. Black and all his clientele pretty much keep us busy,” Luke answered, keeping his eyes on the road.

Most likely, Luke’s paycheck would be coming from her stipend, and that didn’t sit well with her. Zuri just got her mother out of her pocket, and now Tyler Black was trying to dip into her trust.

The vehicle stopped in front of an expensive hotel, and Luke helped her out. 

The concierge came to her and handed her an envelope. “You are already checked in, Ms. Carter. I’ll escort you to your room.”

She couldn’t complain. Tyler Black knew how to take care of his clientele. Luke came to the room with her, and she watched as he checked out the one-bedroom before coming to her to hand her a business card. 

“This is my cell phone. Try to memorize in case of emergencies and lock it in your phone. I’ll be around if you need anything or want to go anywhere. Otherwise, it has been instructed not to leave this hotel room for anything.”

“By whom?”

“Mr. Black,” he answered without hesitation, but he moved real close to her and looked dead serious. “But if you need anything, Ms. Carter, do not hesitate to call on me.”

Zuri only nodded and stepped away. Luke was a refreshing drink of water that no woman should get involved with. He was too handsome and most likely had plenty of women to choose from. 

As he was leaving, Luke said, “There is one more thing, Mr. Black said he needs you to do before he gets here.” He went to the doorway and looked back at her to make sure she was paying attention. “He said to read the letter in your father’s file.”

Again she nodded, but she just wanted him to leave. 

When she was alone, Zuri plopped on the very comfortable sofa loving the softness and cleanliness. She missed home, but this was the next best thing. 

Immediately she jumped in a luxurious hot shower and then wrapped her body in a terry cloth robe. During her shower, her thoughts begin to clear, and she wondered why Tyler was so adamant about her looking at her father’s paperwork. 

As soon as she stepped foot out of the bathroom, she found her backpack dug down to the bottom of the bag and found the folder Tyler had given her.

Flipping through the legal jargon, she found an envelope at the back with her father’s handwriting, “Copy of Letter. Please keep for Zuri when time.”

Time for what? She wondered as she opened the letter. 

Scribed in her father’s handwriting, but this wasn’t an original copy.

Dear Brenda,

If you are reading this, then I know I must be deceased or past the point where my living takes effect. Despite everything, I cannot be upset with you. You’re the mother of my child. The woman that gave me heaven on earth, and for that, I am grateful. 

Yet, the life I had to relinquish because of your greed, deceit, and toxicity will always be a point of anger in me. What you did to me, my heart, my soul, and my mind can never be undone, and I go to my death forever paying the price for what I turned my back on.

I accept I was naive. I allowed my heart to be guided by your lies, and then I clouded my mind to the truth about you no matter what came to light; even after I learned the truth, I still decided to live in the deceit you built because I couldn’t take my daughter away from the only home she knew.

I blame myself for her waywardness. Maybe if I had been happy, I could teach her how to be satisfied. Perhaps if I had turned my back on you, I could show my daughter she doesn’t need money to become wealthy. 

Wealth is in the spirit and the soul. Our daughter needs to know she can live in this world, still be happy and not need the world to live in her.

In any case, with my burial, you will not get another penny of my money. Once Zuri reaches thirty, she will get the bulk of my inheritance, along with my research, and before that, a copy of this letter. I’ve ensured she reads this, so you have all that time to make it right and tell her the truth about everything.

I hope you do the right thing and help her be the incredible woman she can be, which I could not help her become. 

Your husband, Benjamin Zachariah Prince Carter.

Zuri sat back astonished at what a single letter had done to her whole self. 

All this time, her mother could have told her things and gave her insight, but instead, Brenda chose to keep Zuri dependent on her to continue to get the money.

What had her mother done that was so awful? 

Where was the origin of all this money?

Could her father still have family out there?

Zuri would be thirty in a month. Checking her phone, to be exact, it was less than twenty days.

Clicking off the calendar, she opened the home camera system app. Her mother still had not changed the access. 

Staring at the screen, seeing her mother, Zuri felt the need to call her mother urgently to demand the truth and answer so many questions. 

Oddly, her mother was home when she should have been at work. Brenda was frantically moving around the house.

Zuri went into the camera settings and decided to set up the house for motion control. The system would record at least a terabyte of information before it overlapped. Her mother had not been familiar with the settings because she wasn’t technology savvy and had trusted her daughter. Zuri added the settings to record without detection. Her mother didn’t even know where all the cameras around the house were because her father had put them around purposely to catch Zuri.

When he passed, and Zuri was granted access, she had been ashamed because she knew her father had known all her lies. He had footage of everything, but he never called her a liar.

She just remembered the pain in his face… Most likely, he had been comparing her to Brenda and decided to live in her lies.

Knowing her father had died from heartache and not cancer deeply affected Zuri. 

Zuri prayed she never hurt anyone like that ever again. Lying and being deceitful were behind her. 

The truth would take the forefront in all her relationships. Her conscience would be clear. The minute she wasn’t happy, she would walk away, and Zuri would always keep her feelings or what she felt clear and defined. 

Point blank, she wouldn’t fall in love because she never wanted to suffer pain and hurt as her father had.

Love was for fools. She learned this from being with Rodney, as well. 

And Zuri was not going to be a fool ever again.



He Touched Me Chapter Six (c) Sylvia Hubbard @ The Literary World of Sylvia Hubbard.

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6 thoughts on “#HeTouchedMe – Chapter Eight #amwriting #amreading #sylLit

  1. Luke is Rodger’s brother Tyler regular driver. It’s good to see Zuri is taking ownership of her life. Parents don’t realize their secrets are harmful once truth are revealed been there done that. I’ve learned to live in my truth to not dwell on what my parents may have ir have not done. I am responsible for my actions and chose to continue to live my best life.

    This is so intriguing and intense can’t wait to see when Zuri and Magnum get together.

  2. Sylvia,

    As with all your writings, I am enjoying this story. Reading about Tyler again is a pleasure with his evil self. I look forward to reading more and wait patiently for the arrival of Lethal and Dwight to the story. I hope Zuri finds her truth before it’s too late. This story is well done with believable characters.

  3. Things are becoming clearer for Zuri, but she still has a lot to figure out. It is going to be a long hard road for her. At least she got some back up when she need help fighting off her mother and Rodney.

  4. Good chapter! Intriguing… I’m still vibing with the story. Not familiar with the other stories. What is a Ford Explorer Denali? 👀🤷🏿‍♀️🙅🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️😁 Keep up the good work. I can’t wait to read the next chapter.

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