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I’m so late.

I had a lot to wrap my mind around and then a lot of friends and associates were passing away.

It’s a bad time for everyone, but I didn’t want to stop writing.

Not for myself and not for you guys.

I’ll try to do better. thank you for not giving up on me.


He Touched Me – Chapter Six

He had to have been drunk. 

She couldn’t have possibly come into the lobby of his building and she couldn’t have possibly been going to Tyler Black’s private elevator.

Not that son of a bitch.

It was too coincidental.

Magnum was barely sober but no one else seemed to notice. 

After all these years, he’d been able to fool a lot of people – not everyone, but a lot of people.

His brother, partner and others believed he’d been sober. 

Magnum had just found a better way to hide his drinking. 

Yes, he had occasional bouts of weaknesses and this had possibly been one of them, although he couldn’t remember when he had over done himself this time. 

He remembered going home from the office after he allowed Reginald to talk him down from drinking at work. Yet once he got home, that was a whole different story. He was too weak to his addiction and ended with a whole night of weakness. 

The following couple of days passed off and on and then he tried to come to work, but didn’t make it past the lobby.

His imagination must’ve dreamed her, but that didn’t stop him from following her onto the elevator and then hiding behind her.

She didn’t notice him. 

Her nose was stuck in her phone.

The temptation was too much. He had to touch her.

She felt like heaven. 

No Much Better.

She looked up at him and all he could do was tell her to be quiet. 

No one would know. 

Just like before.

Except this was just a dream, right?

She couldn’t possibly be here. Warm, wet and beautiful. 

His luck couldn’t have been so perfect?

Her deliciousness was delightfully sobering.

Deep buttery skin, soft to the touch, a Coke bottle thick figure he wanted to rub his hands all over and the silkiest hairs lovingly curling around his fingers. He really wanted to see what he touched, but he couldn’t because this was all his imagination.

She smelled like she would taste like Bailey’s Irish Cream, thick, dark and velvety. And he loved good Whiskey. 

Magnum bet he would love her liqueur

She didn’t move. Just like before, she allowed him to take full advantage of the situation.


His whole hand was covered with her juices. 

And then she was gone.

A day later he found himself passed out on the foyer of his house unsure how he had made it home and the only way he knew it was two days later was because his watch was reminding him of an important meeting and had woken him up.

Sitting up on the floor of his foyer, he winced feeling a soreness to his jaw and then he noticed the bruises on his knuckles.

He’d missed several phone calls but what the hell did he care. 

Had it all been a dream? Magnum wondered.

Getting to his feet, he wavered and held the wall. 

A flash of memory – she held the wall in the elevator. Sighed and bit the corner of her lip.

Damn, the sound was lyrically sexy.

He still could hear her… no, it had been a dream? Right?


For the first time in a long time he wanted to remember something. Someone.

Leaning over the bathroom sink, he steadied his equilibrium and tried to stop the room from spinning. This time was different. Usually he had a limit and his blackouts were maybe hours or two, not whole days. 

The pounding on his face and the soreness in his hands was almost too much, so he took several deep breaths.

Hard knocking and the doorbell ringing interrupted his almost sober zen moment.


This curse he said out loud because he rarely enjoyed being sober, but that damn doorbell and knocking was driving him crazy.

Going back down the stairs to the double doors of his home, he didn’t bother to check through the peephole. Swinging open the door, he wished he had checked prior to opening the doors.

“Where the fuck have you been?” Reginald boomed walking past him into Magnum’s home.

“Probably lying down on the floor where you’re standing,” Magnum answered honestly with a nonchalant shrug of his broad shoulders. “I was tired. I needed sleep.” 

“So you haven’t seen my wife?” Reginald questioned.

Frowning, Magnum asked, “Why would I see your wife, Reggie?”

“She said she was coming over to check on you a day ago.”

“Why the fuck would she care? She’s never liked anyone in our family. She only married your ass because she thought you made the money for the company.”

This was a dig at Reginald’s handling of the company recently despite the fact Magnum inattentiveness was most likely the cause of the company’s downfall. 

Reginald grimaced before saying, “Look, I told her what you were about to do at the office the other day and she was concerned. I haven’t heard from her since she left last night.”

Magnum had no recollection. “I’m going to change. Look around if you want, but I never spoke to her.”

“Are you ever coming back to work?”

“Why the fuck would I do that? You don’t need me. You got everything under your control.” Magnum turned away and went up to his room not wanting to speak to Reginald anymore.

In the beginning of the partnership they had been close, but Reginald’s over confidence seemed to drive a wedge in their friendship and then eventually their partnership. Now Magnum didn’t care if the business was successful or not. He only did what he had to do to get by. 

Reginald said behind him, “If you hear from her, just call me, Magnum.”

“I won’t,” he tossed over his shoulder. “Get the fuck out.”

Magnum didn’t stay around to wait for Reginald to leave. 

Continuing on his pathway to his room, his mission on his mind was to find her again. Magnum wouldn’t be able to function until he saw her, had her, and controlled her.

And the only person he knew who would help him without telling his business would be Tyler Black. 

Unfortunately that was the one person who hated Magnum Knight the most.


On her way home, Zuri picked up some Chinese food. While waiting for her food to be prepared, she used her phone to look up jobs. 

Out the corner of her eye with the front door in her peripheral vision, she noticed a light blue Traverse coast by the restaurant parking lot. 

Her mother? 

Were they following her?

The hairs on the back of her neck started to tingle. Danger. Like when she was passed her first hit of drugs. 

The feeling was strong in her gut and she opened the app to her mother’s security cameras. The password still hadn’t been changed. No one was home. The car wasn’t in the driveway.

That car she had seen could very well have been her mother’s. 

Was Tyler Black’s suspicions correct? Was her former fiance’ and her mother actually trying to kill her? 

Perhaps control her, hence the drug clinic.

In a way, her mother loved that Zuri depended on her. Not just because of the stipend Zuri allowed her mother to have, but because Brenda loved the control over her daughter.

Zuri wasn’t stupid, she was just afraid of her weaknesses. On top of that, adulting was difficult. True, she would be turning thirty soon, yet allowing Brenda control of her finances and life had been all too easy after her father’s death. Taking the easy way, allowing her mother to do everything for her while she chose to concentrate on school and her own life seemed fine…

Being out in the world was so scary. It was just so easy to fall back into her old addictions like a familiar house she loved to live in.

Yet, in a way, Tyler Black was right. Her father’s legacy was more important than anything else and Zuri couldn’t allow herself to give in to the pleasure.

Having sex with Rodney kept her from the addiction itch. Not having sex made things… difficult.

If that stranger appeared right now, Zuri was sure she’d jump his bones to get her mind off of things she didn’t want to think about.

Bringing herself back to the present, when she was handed her food, instead of walking out the front, she used the side door of the building and walked along the back edge of the building. Looking about to see if the coast was clear, she shot across the street and then hurried down an alley. 

Two blocks later, she was back at her motel room.

She was slightly out of breath, because she was a thick girl and physical exercise was not on the top of her list, but she felt she should probably start something. With her life possibly in a little bit of danger, she wanted to make sure she could defend herself. 

In middle school, she used to go to kickboxing class with another classmate in an afterschool program. They had a falling out with the classmate accusing Zuri for stealing her boyfriend, which Zuri had not done. Not wanting to let her family know she was friendless, she started hanging out on the streets, hence falling into the wrong crowd.

Occasionally looking out her window, Zuri could see a little bit of the street and the large parking lot of the motel. No light blue Traverses.

The noise in the hallway didn’t bother her anymore as much. 

Most likely because she had so much on her mind, Zuri paid little attention to what was going on outside of her cheap motel door and more attention to everything going on inside her head; especially with the stranger… in the elevator.

Should she let Tyler know about the stranger? About the Traverse?

She sent an email about the Traverse knowing the lawyer would probably not get the email until the morning. 

After eating, she decided to do some adulting and took account of her current bills. She needed to get her mind away from the stranger. 

First time was luck. The second time was a fluke. There probably would not be a third because there was no possible way she would see him again. 

Pushing thoughts of those delicious fingers in her nether regions, exciting her to dripping pleasure, Zuri concentrated on how she needed to be an adult.

With the amount Tyler had promised she would be able to stay afloat but still needed a job to do once she got on her feet and situated. Without her mother’s contacts and all of her other contacts in her laptop at home she would basically have to find people on her own or find a job without any references at this current time. 

Just getting any job seemed silly after she worked so hard to get a degree. It was a good thing she had her current resume in the cloud and could download it to her phone and then look on job sites for openings that represent her qualifications. A lot of them wanted her to have at least one year of skills but she didn’t even have an internship because she had figured her mother would help her with that


Looking up other jobs similar to her qualifications she started making a list of possible potential jobs she could get that was sustained her. Zuri wasn’t a person that gave up easily or just waited for things to happen but she had been so spoiled by her mother doing things for her, to do things on her own was very exhaustive. 


Zuri took a long shower and decided to just go to bed early and stress about what to do tomorrow.


In the middle of the night she was suddenly awakened by a really bad feeling. She sat up in bed and looked around but she was still alone in the room. There was no noise loud music in the hall, but she heard whispering on the other side of her door. Quietly, she slipped out of bed and walked to the door. There was a hole she could look out of that would allow her to see who was on the other side. She hadn’t turned on any lights so she had the cover of the darkness. Whoever was on the other side of the door would not know she was there. Rising on her tiptoes she looked out the hole and tried to see who was outside of her door. There were two dark figures and the hallway lights were out. Even though she did not go out of her room after dark she knew the lights in the hallway were always on and the darkness out there seemed odd.


“Hurry the fuck up,” a voice sneered. “We can just break down the damn door, grab her and then we can run out.”


This was not to be taken lightly anymore. Tyler was right! They were out to get her! Possibly kill her!


Zuri’s heart raced in fear as she looked around the room for any type of weapon. That thought seemed silly because there were two large figures and she would only be able to hold off maybe one. Tucking her feet in her shoes and throwing all of her belongings in her backpack, she moved over to the only window in the room and was glad to see a fire escape. 

Quietly opening up the window she jumped out and then closed the window. Racing down the fire escape as fast as she could, Zuri didn’t look back because she was too scared to see if someone was chasing her, but once she hit the ground she ran full-speed down the alley and to the main street. She looked around frantically for where to go or if she saw a taxi. 


To her Saving Grace there was a Yellow Cab coming down the street. Flagging the vehicle desperately she was glad the driver stopped and she jumped in just as she heard a deep voice shout across the street, “There she is!”

“Go!” Zuri shouted at the driver.

“Go where?” the driver asked coolly.

Frantically, she rattled off Black & Knight’s Law Firm address and the taxi took off. 

Looking back, she watched one of the talk lanky guys take off from the curb and run after the taxi but when the car turned the corner, the runner stopped.

Zuri sat back and relaxed. Their faces were covered in black, but she could remember one was lanky and the other was lanky built but tall

Rodney was lanky but not tall, but his older half brother was, except Rodney never talked with this older brother because they were at odds after their parents died in a strange fall off a cliff.

Story went that Rodney’s father slipped off the cliff trying to take a picture and then his mother ran to the edge of the cliff to look for her husband and she fell. 

Rodney talked about being raised by a brother that never really liked him. Once Rodney turned eighteen he ran away because his brother gave him bad vibes. Zuri remembered Rodney saying that his brother was always trying to look for an easy paycheck. 

Rodney had no other family Zuri knew about. Rodney was alone and that’s what connected her to him because she felt she was alone after her father had died. Rodney kind of made her feel wanted like her father always made her feel. She had been so scared to go back to her addiction she clung to Rodney and thought this was the only man who could ever satisfy her


Arriving at the address she had given the taxi cab driver, Zuri reluctantly got out and went through her bag to find some warmer clothes. The building wasn’t even open but there was a 24-hour Coney Island restaurant nearby which she walked to and used some money from her wallet to buy her a light breakfast and a large cup of coffee. She had about 6 hours before anyone might show up to open the lobby and until then she would just hang out there and hopefully Tyler Black would come in early so she could ask him what to do next.

She would hate admitting to Tyler he was right, but she’d rather put down her pride then be dead.

Her mother and Rodney was trying to do wrong by her and most likely would be willing to do whatever it took to get her back under control and then take her money

She needed to hide some place for a while where they couldn’t find her until she could get her life together. 

Yet, everyone she knew Rodney or Brenda knew. 

And there was still the matter of her stuff at her mother’s house. 

How the hell was she going to get herself out of this mess or how much would she have to pay Tyler to help her out of this conundrum?


He Touched Me Chapter Six (c) Sylvia Hubbard @ The Literary World of Sylvia Hubbard.

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  1. I have always enjoyed your books and this is no exception keep up the good work hoping with the country on lock down we can can expect more chapters/ books faster 🙏😬

    1. i really do hope i can provide more and faster. emotionally I’m getting better, but with all that’s happening, it’s sometimes just hard to sit there and write when i got so much on my mind. thank the hubby for keeping my spirits up and showering me with a lot of Oxytocin.

  2. Enjoyed the chapter and appreciate taking the time to provide an update with all you are going through. Take care of yourself and stay safe.

    1. why thank you. I had to sit back and tell myself to move the story fast. I’m also going to stay with Zuri for a moment, so don’t be swarming me with questions about what the heck is he doing.
      I’m in Zuri’s head for at least three chapters.

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