#HeTouchedMe – Chapter Four

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He Touched Me – Chapter Three 

Zuri pressed the speaker button and quickly checked her email app. Looking up in the sent folder, she gasped. Tyler had been right. There was an email address to her lawyer stating just what Tyler had told her. “I didn’t send this,” she said. “My mother had to have sent this. She can access my account. We share the home computer, and she must’ve… “Not believing her mother could do something so deceitful, she had to take a second to pause. “She has my email password, and she could have sent this.”

“That’s not for me to care,” Tyler said calmly. “All I care about is the trust I’m in charge of. So at this time, as I stated to your mother who called today to confirm if I received the email and also if I had heard from you, I need to see you face to face in order for me to make any changes to the trust. Furthermore, I must see the court-ordered documents of the adult conservatorship signed over, and you must willingly sign all documents I present.”

Moment by Moment, Zuri was becoming pissed at what her mother was trying to do to her. “May I inquire what did my mother say when you told her you needed us to come face to face with you?”

“She arranged for me to come to the drug treatment clinic you were admitted to this Friday at noon.”

“And what drug clinic would I be at?” 

He chuckled and answered, “Saint Mary’s of Highland Park.”

Zuri was very aware of this facility because it was Rodney’s old workplace, which he was fired from for stealing medicine and selling it on the street. She was still baffled as to how her mother had planned on getting her admitted to the clinic when Zuri was not in touch with her mother, nor was she taking any type of drugs of any kind. 

Zuri had stopped taking any type of drugs since she was fifteen before her father’s death. Yet, her past could be catching up with her, and her mother was most likely trying to use the lousy behavior Zuri had done to explain this new behavior.

The chill of the March evening winds in Detroit overtook her and reminded her she was outside just standing on the street. Going into the motel, she went up to her room all the while wondering could her mother be that devious to imprison her daughter just to get the small living expense Zuri’s father had left her. She could not believe her mother would do something like this, but she could believe Rodney could manipulate Brenda. Rodney had convinced Zuri to do so many other things, which in turn had drained her bank account to almost nothing. If it hadn’t been for the living wage trust her father had set up, Zuri would not have anything.

“This does sound like you’re in a conundrum, Ms. Carter,” Tyler said, still sounding amused.

“A huge ass conundrum, Mr. Black, but I can be at your office tomorrow by noon to make sure my mother doesn’t touch a dime of that money anymore,” she promised angrily. “And I think you should put a hold on the trust payments until then.”

“It was already done, but what about the policies? Will you be changing those too? And the assets? Should I make sure those can’t be accessed?”

“What are you talking about?” she questioned. 

“The lakefront property in Idlewild was being rented out, and the payments were to support the living trust. Then there’s the insurance policy your father had taken out when you were a wayward teen, which your mother is still on as a beneficiary.”

She remembered being young and spending summers in Idlewild, but she didn’t know any property was hers! Yet her mother had always handled the trust because Zuri had a lot going on, and she felt the little she knew about everything; the less Rodney could make her do with what her father had left her. 

The insurance, though? 

She had forgotten about the insurance policy her father had taken out because she had been on the road to almost killing herself with her addictions.

And once she had gotten her life together, her father must’ve never taken the policy off.

“How much is the policy?”

“Two million,” Tyler answered.

Zuri was glad the bed was nearby as she flopped down. Her legs had weakened at the amount. “Why would my father take so much out on me?”

“Your mother raised the amount shortly after your father died when she was told about the policy. According to these notes, Mr. Bellini took, she had no idea about it as well, but once she did, she made contributions to pay for the increase and still does.”

“Can I change this?”

“Of course unless your mother does present real conservatorship papers ordered by a judge.”

She shivered at the possibility of being under her mother’s control, trapped in a drug treatment center for the rest of her life, or possibly until her mother decided to give her an overdose.

Her mother would know what to do? 

They were in the same field of study.

Forensic Crime Analyst. 

The plan had to be all Rodney’s doing.

“I have to ask somethings, Ms. Carter,” Tyler said.

“About what?” 

“How wayward were you?”

She hadn’t talked about her past to anyone except Rodney ashamed of the decisions she had made. “I had fallen in the wrong crowd when I got in high school. I liked the drug life and skip parties so much, I became consumed with just being high and being the life of the party. No matter what my parents did or what they threatened, I just wanted to be high.”

“What made you quit?”

Closing her eyes, she remembered her father finding her so high she could barely focus and dragging her from a party. He took her up to Idlewild, locked her in a room to sober her out. His lawyer came. A young Italian looking as if he had just stepped out of law school.

“This is my lawyer, Armando Bellini. You need to be of sound mind and body to sign this,” her father had said.

“Sign what?” she asked, ready to rebel.

“The insurance and trust documents, Zuri. I’m tired of caring, whether you live or die. I’m doing my death and not worrying about you anymore.”

Frowning, trying to push the addiction screams from her head, she asked, “What do you mean your death?”

“I’m dying, Zuri. And I’m not wasting another moment chasing you around this city, watching you kill yourself,” her father screamed angrily. “Now sign the damn papers so you can do whatever the fuck you want, and I can die knowing at least I did what I had to do.”

Coming back to the phone call with Tyler, she finished explaining. “I signed the papers, and he took me back to Detroit to drop me off where he had found me, but in that long drive, I found out he was dying of prostate cancer and pretty much only had a couple of months to live. When he pulled up at the corner to drop me off, I didn’t want to get out of the car. I asked him to take me home, and I never took another gram of any drug since then.”

For a long moment, there was silence on the other end, and then Tyler Black confirmed quietly, “I will see you tomorrow at my office, right, Ms. Carter? I have a client meeting at eleven, but I should be done by noon.” 

“Yes, Mr. Black. Tomorrow.” She hung up the phone and sighed in relief at least she could get this done and then be done with her mother and Rodney all together.


Before she even thought about another thing after that phone call, she changed the passwords to all the accounts she could remember her mother could have access to. Her tablet and other personal items she needed from the house were in her closet on the top shelf next to the bag with everything she held dear, including all the relics of her life before her father had died.

Despite her brain screaming not to do it, Zuri logged into the security cameras and checked around the house. Her mother was paranoid and had placed cameras even in the basement.

Surprisingly, Brenda still hadn’t changed the pass code.

Zuri looked about and noted the kitchen was filled with dishes. It looked like her mother had cooked lasagna, Rodney’s favorite meal, because the food was still out, and the kitchen was a mess. Usually, Zuri would clean up the kitchen after her mother cooked, so it was understandable nothing was done.

Flipping through the other cameras, she noticed her mother’s bedroom was empty, but her mother’s car was in the driveway. A click in the basement hand, she found Rodney and Brenda going through Zuri’s old high school stuff. What were they looking for?

She clicked the camera to her bedroom and took note nothing seemed disturbed. Clicking back to her mother’s room, she noted Rodney had moved his bag with all his stuff in there, which meant they were not going through her closet, yet.

Watching until they finally gave up looking for whatever unsuccessfully, she watched as they adjourned into the second floor and to her mother’s room where Rodney started to strip her mother down and fall to his knees. Zuri turned off the app at that moment, sighing in hurtful frustration.

Again she laid down in bed tossing and turning. There was hardly any noise from the hallway tonight. Zuri could hear a couple screaming a floor below her, but her mind was racing a million miles a minute. 

She turned on her stomach, knowing there was only one thing she could do to get back to sleep. This time, she tried to remember everything she could about the stranger because with not seeing him every day, it was becoming more and more challenging to remember things about him.

Damn, just one more time.

Can’t one more thing go right in her life? She needed to see him one more time. Just to feel his hands move between her thighs and relish in his touch inside her body. Could he make her cum like that again? 

In her imagination, he could, and she again screamed into her pillow.

Falling asleep, she wished on everything in her soul to encounter the stranger just one more time.


Black and Knight Law Firm office was near Downtown Detroit, and surprisingly, it was on her usual route to her other job; even more surprisingly, it was near the bus stop where the stranger got off the other day.

She stood in that spot for a minute and looked back at the bus as it drove away, wondering how her face looked that day. 

Zuri took a moment and gathered herself. Going into the lobby, she was shocked to see a lovely resale shop with reasonable prices but high-end clothes. Before she left the building, she would check out the shop since she was running out of clothes to wear. 

Today, she was forced to wear a short black shirt from the lost and found at the hotel and the blouse she wore for her presentation. Since she didn’t have any clean underwear, she was forced just to wear her stockings and go commando. She wasn’t sure what to wear to meet a lawyer, but whenever they had gone when she was younger, her mother would make her dress up.

The security guard at the information desk gave her a guest badge and instructed her how to get to the law firm. “Mr. Black is waiting for you. He said to take the back elevator down the hall, scan the badge, and it’ll take you straight to his office.” 

Zuri was so involved in following the directions, she took little notice to anyone in the lobby and walked down the hallway to the elevator. The doors were like mirrors, and she briefly noted three people were behind her, but her thoughts were consumed with so many ideas about her mom, Rodney, and her current living situation. While waiting for the doors to open, she felt her phone vibrate and looked at the screen to see Rodney calling. 

The doors opened as she pushed the call to voicemail. Someone walked past her to get in the elevator, but she paid little attention as she scanned her badge. Two other people got in the elevator after her and scanned their badges after she scanned her badge. As the doors closed, she could see the person standing behind her.


He was dressed in a dark tweed suit, white shirt, and a royal blue bow tie. Those familiar thick-rimmed circular glasses had gotten Zuri’s attention initially, and he used his middle finger to push them upon his face. Those serious cinnamon eyes were looking right at her.

She started to turn around to look at him, but he shook his head and pressed his finger to his lip, while his other hand moved over her rear.

He Touched Me Chapter Three (c) Sylvia Hubbard @ The Literary World of Sylvia Hubbard.

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