#HeTouchedMe – Chapter Three

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Yes I’m late posting. I had it done yesterday about this same time and then I fell asleep.

If you don’t know my writing already, you know how I like to intertwine characters from previous or upcoming stories into my writings. Well, this one will be no different.

The first integration was in Chapter Two where I pulled Stealing Innocence 1 characters, Kimberly and Jaelen Gates into the mix.

In this chapter, I bring in the notorious Tyler Black. You remember him? Of course you should because you just read my last book, Black’s Innocence, right? And I know you did the review already on that book. Reviews help me so if you could please… and then reward yourself by reading chapter 3. (Tag me in the review)

I’d also like to know where do you think this could possibly be going once you’re done reading this part and who would you like to make an appearance?


He Touched Me – Chapter Three 

The man read the name from her license. “Zuri Princess Carter.” He looked over the rim of his glasses at her as if he knew what the name meant.

“Take a picture, it’ll last longer,” Zuri snapped.

He put her driver’s license down and finished entering her information. “How long will your stay be?”

“A month,” she said with apparent confidence. 

He looked at her hand as if he would see a ring there. She had taken it off, but the white line around her left ring finger indicated something had been there recently. It had been a cheap engagement ring, Zuri had worn forever that she had bought. “There won’t be any domestic trouble, will there?”

“As long as you don’t let anyone know I’m here,” she said.

They made a silent agreement of keeping quiet. The slimy sweaty bastard handed her a card key, and she nodded. Taking the elevator up to the third floor, she entered the room, which seemed smaller than a walk-in closet: a twin size bed, dresser, and a small kitchenette with a wardrobe and a bathroom. In the bathroom, there was just a shower, sink, and toilet. Seven hundred bucks a month for efficiency in the Cass Corridor in the middle of Detroit.

Sitting on the bed, Zuri took off her work uniform and opened up her bag where her maxi dress was still inside. 

Remembering what happened the last time she had worn the dress, she shivered in excitement. 

Would she see him again? Would he be able to do what he did before? Did she want him to do what he did again?

It was so wrong.

But it felt…

Shaking her head, Zuri dug down in her bag for the small makeup bag she used to clean herself up. Despite her emotional and mental troubles, she could still look and smell like a lady.

Looking at the time, she noted the afternoon, and most likely, her mother would be home. Picking up her phone, she was shocked she could still log into the security system. Her mother had not changed any passwords, and Zuri was able to look through the house and see her mother just coming home.

Brenda was a woman that had always kept herself in shape. Compared to Zuri, Brenda didn’t look as if she had conceived any children, and Zuri had never felt she was a child of Brenda’s. Zuri was more fuller figured with lighter skin, while Brenda’s dark chocolate flawless beauty was something Zuri had always desired.

Her stomach turned as she watched her Rodney come up to her mother and kiss her. He used to kiss Zuri just the same. Watching their lips, she tried her best to read their mouths.

Rodney had asked, “Did you…” 

Her mother’s back was to the camera, but she shook her head, and Rodney looked disappointed. Her mother said something reassuring because his mood changed, and he kissed her again. The kiss became very passionate, and Rodney gathered her mother in his strong arms, hiking her dress up and lifted her on the back of the couch while Brenda’s hands went between them opening Rodney’s pants.

Zuri turned off the system wanting to throw the phone across the room. Right now, she just had whatever was in her backpack. It was good she had put her work uniform back in her bag, but only because the outfit would have been deducted from her pay if she had not turned it in before her quitting.

Knowing Brenda or Rodney could find her so quickly made it easy for her to quit her job, but she had to find another job. 

The good part about all this was that she had gotten the uniform because her job would have charged her for not turning the uniform in when she announced her resignation.

Thinking back, she knew she wouldn’t have been in this predicament if she had listened to her head instead of her heart. Spending the money her father had left her on Rodney and all his expenses which he’d wasted away had been stupid, but she thought she had been in love. 

Zuri moved about the room for at least an hour, trying not to wallow in the pathetic situation she found herself in. She started checking off mentally the things that were going right in her life.

Number one, she had done an excellent presentation; Even though her professor said it was void of emotion, her facts and performance were on point. So she was going to get passing grades and finish school. She would have to get an internship in her field soon to be able to finish up her residency credits and then actually be able to get a real job in her area. Finding somewhere right now to do a residency would be difficult since her mother was going to use her pull to put her where Zuri needed to be. Yet, if Zuri was not going to talk to her mother and not ask Brenda for anything, there was a matter of finding a residency on her own. 

Most of Zuri’s network of school friends and other contacts were on her tablet, which was at the house. Being in a relationship with Rodney, Zuri had kept herself isolated from developing close friendships. Rodney always insisted on getting all her attention. Rodney was also very jealous and checked Zuri’s phone often, and if he saw names and numbers of people, he didn’t know he’d delete them, which was why Zuri kept contacts on her tablet. Rodney wasn’t smart enough to check the device.

Yet, as Zuri’s father always stated, closed mouths don’t get fed, and Zuri would have to get the tablet and reach out to them or whomever she needed to get her residence completed to move on with her life. Going into her backpack, she took out one of her school notebooks with some empty pages leftover and then started writing down school friends who could probably help her out. She just knew their emails from work assignments and projects, so she would need to acquire the table to get the phone numbers as well. 

There was still the matter of getting into the house without Rodney or her mom being there. Zuri knew she wouldn’t have the mental capacity to face them. 

Late into the night at the hotel, Zuri could hear people walking up and down the hallways drinking laughing, and she promised herself to use what little money she had to get herself some earbuds to drown out the noise.

Tossing and turning, Zuri tried to get back to sleep, but it was impossible. Rolling on her stomach, she jammed her fingers between her legs lightly pressing on her clitoris. Taking three deep breaths, she dug down in her memory and brought herself back on the bus. The stranger was pressed against her, and instead of her fingers, his fingers were there, rubbing teasing and coaxing the sensitive bud to come from the soft womanly folds. Her breath quickened as she buried her face in the pillow, further drowning out the noise outside her door. 

The stranger’s breath was on her neck as his fingers furiously rubbed in a circular pattern until she couldn’t take the pleasure anymore. Yes! Yes! She ground her hips into the mattress and groaned as she felt her body trembled, yet she wanted more. She wanted what was next.

Yet, the titillation had been enough. Relaxing, Zuri found herself asleep wishing and hoping she could just meet this man, one more time.

When she woke in the morning, Zuri was determined to get what was needed, yet first things first, she had to get money.

Pulling out all the money she had from her backpack and jacket, Zuri counted out fifty dollars. Her last check would come at the end of this week with about three hundred dollars.

Thinking about her current bank account, she grimaced in worry.

Yes, the extra money was gone from her inheritance, but her father had made a provision to give her a living expense stipend until she was 35. At that point, she would then be allowed to receive whatever money was left to do with; however, Zuri chose. 

The living wage stipend was only about twelve hundred dollars, and since she needed to be in school, she couldn’t afford to live on her own, hence which was why she stayed at her mother’s, and Brenda had convinced Zuri never to move the money out of the joint account. Zuri figured to help her mother out, giving the twelve hundred dollars was nothing compared to what it would cost to support herself. 

Now Zuri was not living with that woman and would never live with that woman again, so she needed to move the money to another account. 

First, she needed to send an email to the trust lawyer, Armando Bellini, and then she put on her clothes to find the nearest bank. Five blocks from the motel, she walked into a well-known bank and easily opened an account. 

With no credit cards or anything pending in her name, Zuri had no problem. There had been a lot of times, Rodney had asked her to use her credit to buy things, but this had been the only thing she had refused him, and now she was happy about her determination not to touch her credit. 

Just as she was leaving the bank, Zuri received a phone call from an unknown number. Initially, she was hesitant about answering the call. Rodney was too stupid to hide his number, while her mother had just called continuously from either the house phone or her cell phone. 

Taking a chance, she answered the call. A very authoritative deep voice came over the line questioning her. “Zuri Carter?”

“Yes,” she confirmed, walking in the direction back to the hotel.

“My name is Tyler Black, and I’ve been charged with handling some matters for Armando Bellini.”

Skeptically, Zuri asked, “Why? What’s happened to Mr. Bellini?” 

“He’s believed to have come up missing on vacation in the Bermuda Triangle.”

Gasping, she demanded, “What do you mean missing?”

“I don’t know, and I don’t wish to discuss details,” he said, sounding highly annoyed. “I was a former lawyer at this firm and have started my own, so I owe Mr. Bellini a favor. I was just asked to assist until he can return, but I requested only cases that required little to no work.” He snorted. 

“Well, all I want to do is charge my bank account from the account with my mother to a single account at another bank I just opened up.”

He asked, “What made you open another account?” 

“I moved out of my mother’s home abruptly,” she answered, stopping dead in her tracks in front of the motel to speak with him.

“Where are you staying now?”

“At a motel on West Grand Boulevard called Le Grand.” Annoyed he was asking too many questions, Zuri said, “Look, why I left my mother’s house is none of your business. I just need you to switch up the accounts. That shouldn’t be too much trouble, right?”

“Funny you should ask about trouble.” Tyler Black’s voice was riveted with sarcasm. “Because I received an email from you yesterday stating you were entering into drug rehab and were signing full conservatorship over to your mother. And if I received many messages from you from here on out regarding your trust or any change of payments, you are not in your right mind, and I should contact your mother immediately while having you detained.”

Confused and shocked, Zuri cried, “I never sent any emails to you like that.”

“I don’t lie, ma’am,” he said deadly serious. “I received the email yesterday morning from the same email address.”

“I never sent you an email, Mr. Black,” she insisted.

Dryly, he responded, “We’re not going to go back and forth with who did what, Ms. Carter. Why don’t you put me on hold and check to make sure what you’re stating is correct?”

Zuri’s mind was screaming. What did Brenda do? What the hell did her mother do?

He Touched Me Chapter Three (c) Sylvia Hubbard @ The Literary World of Sylvia Hubbard.

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