Sate your reading Hunger with #Ravenous! And upcoming Live Book starting in December #WritersLife

Buy Book Now | Read Excerpts

Buy Book Now | Read Excerpts

For the month of November, I intended to turn the price of Ravenous to 1.99, but three things happened.

  1. I decided to get another editor for the book to go over what the initial editor didn’t catch
  2. It’s the holidays and I was like ooohhh this would be such a reading holiday treat for people
  3. My Thunderclap was banging and I appreciate the love from all the fans, followers and friends!

Above shows the Thunderclap over 100 people helped me with on October 31st. If you didn’t participate in my Thunderclap, please subscribe now to my blog and get ready for one maybe in the new year.

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Until then, share all my messages to let people know, Sylvia’s coming with another live book and of course, only subscribers will have access to the last part again.

What’s it going to be?

Of course, Black’s Innocence. I’m really excited about the opportunity and I hope you guys get ready to dig in through the cold winter months with me, Tyler Black and Lauren. (Click here to read the preview)

It’s going down!

Until then, check out Ravenous. If you’ve gotten your copy, please review and post to Amazon and then share you review with your readers in your social media and if you have one on your blog. (Tag me on Twitter or Instagram at @Sylviahubbard1)

Buy Book Now | Read Excerpts

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