#Kindle Readers, Free Reads Available, even if you aren’t #Prime #Select


I’m okay with the free and I would love for you to be okay with taking the free.

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Yes, there is some exclusivity and I know this upsets the other readers who have said they won’t buy a thing from Amazon. These titles aren’t up for release from the program too soon. I’m sorry about that, but if you are a Prime member or in the Kindle Select Program, please make sure you open them up and read them. The more you read the more I make. I appreciate that in advance.

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Mistaken Identity III: The Perfect Woman For Them by Sylvia Hubbard

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A Little Bit of Sin: Book One, Two & Three by Sylvia Hubbard

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Wrongly His by Sylvia Hubbard

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Dreams of Reality by Sylvia Hubbard 


If you have already read these titles make sure you’ve done a review and then share this post with others. Thank you in advance.

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