I made a new book cover for “He Touched Me” What do you think? #MondayBlogs

Fiddling around in Canva.com, I was trying to do a short story challenge promo and wanted to use all the fresh stories I’ve done instead of just the story starters. (Long story)

I know in the beginning of this year, I was really just overwhelmed with starting a short story challenge, I put a half effort on the book cover. See below:

Fast forward six months and I’m getting a little more comfortable with short stories so I’ve been tightening up my cover game for them, especially since I’ve been using Instafreebie to generate mailing list signups.


I went back and took the part of the picture from RedHeart where he’s touching her thigh and added words on top.

Look here! It’s awesome. You can’t even tell I took it from that cover. I was so glad I bought that picture over at istockphoto.com and they keep a record over there what you downloaded so you can redownload it even at a larger size to make very clear pictures from there.

(Angels are singing)

Tell me what you think and if you haven’t already, check out the story. Share this post too!

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