Yes, I know it’s last minute but I did ask on Twitter what day is good?

Sadly no one responded. I even sent out three reminders back in June to give me a date.

Still no one responded.

Nevertheless, I prevailed and want agent to start another BOM journey without finishing the first.

I could be talking to myself right now but I’ll be book chatting by myself… Hopefully not because that’s pretty sad, although I won’t get in despair.

We’ll (being sarcastic and psychotic) be having a talk about the BOOK OF THE MONTH #DreamsOfReality. A preface about book chats will start on periscope about noonish & then we’ll go live on Sunday page at 11ish. am.




Got questions about setting up a book chat: periscope

Got questions abt the BOOK? Facebook

For Pick up yr copy at 


Resource post will be on this post in comments so leave a reply and be notified of updates to the post.


I’ll also load the periscope at YouTube but I’ll leave the BOOK chat posted at Facebook.

Hope you can join me and plz bring questions. If you’ve read the book post your reviews.

Ttyl! Xoxo

Your Author, Sylvia Hubbard

Missed the awesome cliff notes on my instagram?

Catch up below




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